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Grand Champions 2000

Here are the lovely horses of 2000 :) Thanks again to Karen for the pictures. I just love those Show Horses! There is one curious note - the mail order stallion is Skydancer, the Lippizzaner of a few years before! I guess that's what they meant by old back stock!


Jutland: "Jubilee"
National Showhorse: "Melody" .
Mustang: "Shadow Mist"
Quarterhorse: "Butterscotch"
Holstiener: "Vienna"
Irish Hunter: "Molly McBrae"


Jutland: "Magistrate"
Quarterhorse: "Liquid Gold"
National Showhorse: "Parachute".
Holstiener: "Mardigras"
Irish Hunter: "Fitzpatrick"
Mustang: "Flaming Glory"


First picture: National Showhorse "Harmony" and Irish Hunter "Fritzbae"
Second picture: Jutland "Royal Jubilee" and Mustang "Shadow Glory"
Third picture: Holtstiener "Vienna Waltz" and Quarterhorse "Goldilocks"

Thanks to Renee for help with the names!!

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