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"A New Revolution in Pest Control in Crops"

"The Universe in which we find ourselves
and from which we cannot be separated is a place of Law and Order.
It is not by accident, nor chaos.
It is organised and maintained by an electro-dynamic field
capable of determining the position and movement of all charged particles.
For nearly a century
the logical consequences of this theory
have been subjected to rigorously controlled experimental conditions
and met with no contradictions."

'Blueprint for Immortality'

Which crop can I go to NOW?
heliopelti heliothis moth heliopelti
cotton field heliothis armigera


AGRICULTURAL RADIONICS a method of healing at a distance through the medium of an

   instrument or other means using the ESP faculty. In this way, a

      trained and competent practitioner can discover the cause of disease

     within a living system, be it human, animal, plant or the soil itself.

      Suitable therapeutic energies can then be made available to the

     patient or subject to help to restore optimum health.

     It is the transmission of a low energetic impulse to any given point. 

 In relation to pest control it allows for such a transmission of a frequency pattern to which the particular pest/insct in that area is antagonistic. 

The process is unrestricted by distance, does not require on the spot contact with the crop or the insect and begins to work in a short space of time.

Ok...All structures or matter vibrate and radiate at their own individual frequency pattern. The key is to determine that frequency.

This is done with very sensitive instrumentation and the ESP faculty and a lot of very hard work.

This subtle energy exists beyond the known electromagnetic spectrum (and only a few advanced instruments are able to monitor its effectiveness and these are in the area of medical diagnosis in Germany and Japan, although the principle applies equally to all organic structures.

In short, this frequency pattern of subtle energies is broadcast within the electro-magnetic field surrounding the earth which acts as the medium for transmission, coupled  by the use of highly sensitive technology, experience and skill on the part of the operator.

In the 1950's and 1960's, much successful research and practice was conducted in crop fields the  U. S. A.  Europe and Germany, into the broadcasting of subtle energies, within the electromagnetic spectrum, to "RID' destructive pests in those fields, with great success.

Here are well documented accounts....

'...................One of the first large-scale experiments carried out by Upton and Knuth was on 8o acres of Aoala X-44 short-staple cotton in the middle Of 48o acres on the Cortaro Ranch, near Tucson, Arizona.  With an aerial photo of the 8o acres only, they treated them for bugs together with a photo of an adjoining 16o acres belonging to a Mr. Anway.

On September 25, 1950, Mr. W. S. Nicholas, President of the Cortaro Management Co., wrote:* (Italics supplied).

Our experience, and frankly, we are somewhat mystified, has been that on our 8o and on the 16o acre test plot of Mr Anway we found no occasion to use any insecticides.  On the adjacent fields, however, our costs for insecticides, applied both by tractor and by airplane were in excess of $8.oo an acre.  Mr. Anway's experience was the same.  Everybody and his brother checked the test field for bugs. (This was in the 1950's).

Our experience was that there would be a light infestation of harmful insects and we suffer, of course, from the ligus, the corn car worm and the like, but the insects would appear and disappear without harmful results as the treatment progressed.

On our adjacent lands and on the lands of many growers in the general area a rather serious infestation of aphis occurred.  This was serious enough for the County agent to call a special meeting ... and some 6o growers and their representatives arrived.  They found aphis all over the place.. but not on the test plots.

... while we have made no scientific investigation, the practical results of this test lead us to the conclusion that we will use the process next year on our entire 28oo acres of cotton.

Frankly, we expect to have ulcers counting the bugs next year, but if we get the same results on the whole project as we got on the test field we are going to save around $20,000.oo and we are willing to go to considerable effort for that substantial sum..........'

..............'In reference to the control of insects in this area by the use d electronics.  There have been several examples which I believe prove its effectiveness.

I am farming 4oo acres which is under electronics control and have had no insects in this field.  My neighbour just across the road, which is not under electronics, has had to dust already.

There are about 14,ooo acres under cultivation in this valley of which about 6,ooo are under electronics control.  None of the electronics controlled land had been dusted but most of the other lard ha; been dusted.

Personally, I think electronics is very effective.

In the same week, Mr. Harm Stubbe, of Route No. 1, Tucson, Arizona, wrote ...

This is a statement as to what has occurred here with leaf worm in the last 48 hours.

We noticed a very heavy infestation of leaf worms the day before yesterday and yesterday.  To-day, for no apparent reason  your treatment with electronics, the worms have disappeared ant after a very close inspection, we could find no worms.

This is not a recommendation but merely a statement as to  what I have seen with my own eyes........'

Successful treatment of crops at a distance is so contrary to accepted ideas of what is possible that it may seem in need of supporting evidence.  Have similar experiments been carried out in any other country?

As long ago as I951 the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau Mirror, a leading agricultural newspaper in America, reported experiments on the broadcast treatment of crops by a research group using an aerial photo supplied by the farmer.  The experiments were so successful that a Research Foundation was formed in Harrisburg. It was reported that potatoes treated by broadcasts from as much as 200 miles away yielded  22 per cent more compared with potatoes on control sites.  Caterpillars on walnut trees were controlled by broadcasts of 8o miles distant.

The World Science Review reported: 'So convinced are many American farmers in the area, that when offered this treatment for their crops on a "pay on results" plan, everyone paid.' A large cotton-growing company, it is reported, were so pleased with the results on test plots that they planned to use radionic treatment on their entire 2,5oo acres.  They anticipated a saving of $.2o,ooo in insecticides and spraying. (In the 1950's).

As a final observation....This Agricultural broadcast of subtle energies is intermittent from the beginning of the sowing until the picking or harvesting. During this period the pest will occasionally visit the crop field and leave without harming it as the new healthy vibration throughout the entire crop field is repulsive in terms of its survival.

Chemical treatments may succeed in doing this but in the process the crop is weakened and becomes vulnerable to the infestations, not to also mention the poisons pouring into the waterways and filling the atmosphere.



I usually work from an aerial photograph - positive/negative or a topographical map of the infected crop/crops, farm.

It is just as effective from 2 miles or 200,000 miles!

These cases are well documented and recorded in a book "Report on Radionics" - under the sub-heading 'New Hope for Farmers' (eighth impression 1977).

Just to reiterate....The bottom line is this….We are still using dangerous chemicals to spray crops and farmland. Herbicides, pesticides and agricultural pollutants that are spilling  into the atmosphere and destroying the environment….. very effectively. It is  ‘slowly killing us’.

We MUST look for an alternative way of controlling insect infestations in agriculture.

Here is a possibility of a very effective solution. Farmers have to at least TRY  a new mode of insect control on their farmland and crops. (They don’t have to study quantum physics or take a degree in rocket science to understand this process - that's not necessary). Just the NEED to have their crops FREE of pests.

 Not to mention the great deal of money being saved on buying chemicals etc.

I am offering well founded, but now completely different way of insect control, a completely chemical free and environmentally clean, sound way which has been tried and tested since the 1950’s and 60’s.

 My research over the years has produced a more improved effective way of pest eradication from crops, again, regardless of distance (I work from my home in Australia).

OK….I work on the basis of …’NO INSECT/PEST CONTROL NO PAY’. All the farmer supplies initially, is a current aerial large photograph/negative, or topographical map (photograph is better), of the crop or farmland area that needs to be treated and affirm the need to have his Produce FREE from insect/pest infestation - telling me what type of insect it is and what type of crop it is.   That’s all - nothing else. (I determine a suitable 'reagent' such as a herb or alternative frequency which is antagonistic to the crop infestation.

By the way, ALL my broadcast frequencies are very beneficial to ALL crops and farmlands, where ever they may be - healthier growth energized soil etc).

If the insect eradication is successful (usually more that 96% of the time), usually 36 to 48 hours from when I start the broacast,  then pay is discussed. If not successful, you’ll get your photograph or map back. However, I can say one thing, if nothing else, your crop area will be much better off and healthier from having this broadcast patterning of these subtle energies.

A massive amount to gain and  nothing to lose. (except the postage of the Maps or Photographs).

Be astonished and amazed!  - TRY!


                            Email me if you need or want help.

                                   Maybe I can help you.

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