Frequently Asked Questions About WebTV

1) I just got my WebTV. What can it do?

2) My friends on WebTV send me neat pctures and music when I get letters from them. How do I put sounds and images in =my= e-mail?

3) I keep going to sites that have stuff that WebTV can't use. What kinds of sounds and images =can= I use?

4) I'm trying to find some information about a person/place/thing. Where can I do this?

5) What are newsgroups? And how come some of them have let you put pictures and music up, but others get mean when you do this?

6) I found out a lot of stuff in webtv.users, but I'm ready to move on. Are there any other groups on WebTV for people who aren't newbies anymore, but aren't really experts yet?

7) My question isn't listed here; why not?