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Bullet-hit Squibs

Bullet-hit squibs are basically small electrically ignited salutes, which are used in movies to produce the effect of a bullet impact on either a surface or an actor. When used on actors, they are often used in conjunction with a blood pack, which is easily made by pouring fake blood into a condom and tying the good ol' rubber shut. Bullet-hit squibs are remarkably easy to produce, provided that one has access to a hot glue gun, a small electric match, a small kraft paper tube, and a bit of report composition (flash or whistle works well here, although in a pinch BP can be used).

To make a bullet-hit squib, you must first roll a small tube. This tube should ideally have a 1/4" inner diameter, a 3/8" outer diameter, and be about 1 1/2" long. Roll the tube around a 1/4 inch diameter dowel, then remove the tube from the dowel and place it on the air vent to dry. After the tube has dried, insert the dowel back into the casing, so that all but 1/4" of the inside of the tube is obscured by the dowel, and then put a small square of TP over the dowel to allow the dowel to be withdrawn after the next step. Fill this 1/4" cavity with hot glue, remove the dowel, and allow the hot glue to solidify and cool. After it has cooled, drop in an ematch, and fill around the ematch with your selected report composition. Continue filling with report composition until all but 1/4" of the tube is obscured by the comp.

Here comes the dangerous part: place a piece of TP over the report composition, and fill the cavity with hot glue to plug it. I suggest that before you add the glue, unplug the glue gun and allow it to cool off completely. Then, plug the gun back in and allow it to heat back upm testing the glue temperature by squirting a little on some exposed skin (it doesn't hurt unless the glue is really hot). When the glue becomes hot enough to warm you up a bit and give a very slight sensation of burning (but not hot enough to cause much pain), the glue is the right temperature, and you can now [more] safely fill the cavity at the end with the glue. If you've done it right, your squib should look like a bloated commercial firecracker with some wires sticking out of one end instead of a fuse.

Here is a schematic of a bullet-hit squib.

"All right," you may be saying, "Now that I have a weird-ass tube with wires coming out of the end, what in hell can I do with it?" Well, there are several things one can do: (a) simulate bullet impacts on your flesh; (b) simulate bullet hits in inanimate objects such as 2x4s.

To simulate bullet hits in your flesh, simply tape one of these to wherever you'd like to be "shot", and ignite the squib. This will blow a fair-size chunk of flesh out, and cause cause a realistic spray of blood, accurately simulating the action of a bullet hit on your body. This, however, is the least popular of the methods, due to several drawbacks such as dismemberment and undue amputation. Therefore, a different method is used, involving a condom, some strawberry syrop, and a piece of 1/2" aluminium plating (not as kinky as it sounds).

First, I must point out to you that if you are to trust your safety to the following piece of equipment, you're most likely going to hurt yourself. I take no responsibility whatsoever for any damage you may inflict upon yourself or others using the following information. You have been warned.

First, one must make the following from some 1/2" thick aluminium "plating" (I'm not sure of the correct word for it; it's on the tip of my tongue, though). Unfortunately, making this requires the use of a milling machine. I will detail its construction soon; bear with me, folks.


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