From ancient Babylonian myth, Asushunamir was an ancient spirit-guide who brought resurrection, by rescuing the Queen of Heaven from eternal death. Blessed with prophecy and wisdom and healing, yet exiled from hir people, Asushunamir is the original spirit-guide, trickster, and bearer of transformation -- s/he travels to our dark dwelling places, stands at the crossroads and accompanies us on the journey home.

In an ancient Babylonian myth, Asushunamir was both male and female, created from the dirt under the fingernails of Ea, the Wise. Asushunamir travels to the the Land of No Return and steals the Water of Life from Ereshkigal, Queen of the Dead, in order to rescue Ishtar, Queen of Heaven -- whose return to the living marks spring and the return of life to the world. Asushunamir was subsequently cursed by Ereshkigal (to be stranger in your own home) and blessed by Ishtar (with prophecy, wisdom, healing).

Note: See Kalaturru and Kurgarru for the Sumerian version of this sacred story.

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