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Descendants of Richard Wainscott born 1711 in St. George Parrish, Southwark, Surry England. Died between 1762-1769 in Rowan, NC. He married Elizabeth ( Mary) Woolum about 1735 in Augusta Co., VA. Elizabeth born abt. 1715.

They had the following children:

Abraham Wainscott

Rachel Wainscott

Elizabeth Wainscott

Isaac Wainscott

John C. Wainscott born Dec. 24, 1749 in Augusta Co., VA. and died between 1802-1806 in Owen Co., KY. Married to Catherine Elrod on Dec. 14, 1769, in Rowan Co., NC. . Catherine born Feb. 12, 1750 in Conewago Creek, PA. Lancaster Co., and died Sept. 17, 1804 in Owen Co., KY.

Children of John C. and Catherine (Elrod) Wainscott were:

Robert Wainscott born July 25, 1779 Rowna Co., NC. Yadkin River Valley. died abt. 1851 in Polk Co., MO. He married (?) Moore about 1799 in Yadkin River Valley, Rowan Co., MO. She was born about 1780 probably in NC and died about 1840 in Polk Co., MO.

Robert & (?) (Moore) Wainscott had the following children:

Christopher Wainscott born 1806 married to Hannah Boone, sister of Rebecca Boone. Hannah was a grand niece of the noted hunter, Daniel Boone.

Thornton Emmit Wainscott born Sept. 25, 1805 in Yadkin River Valley, Rowan Co., NC. he died Dec. 7, 1858 in Boliver, MO. Polk Co. He married Rebecca Boone on Nov. 30, 1826. It is not certain if Rebecca is from NC or TN. Rebecca was born Oct. 23, 1808 and she died Jan-Feb.1892/1893 in Grove, OK. Hayes Co. Rebecca is the grand niece of noted hunter "Daniel Boone".

Thornton and Rebecca (Boone) Wainscott had the following children:

Harriet Elvira Wainscott born Feb. 2, 1828/1830. She died Nov. 16, 1910. She married Thomas Henry Tutness on Nov. 1, 1849 in Polk CO., MO. They had 7 children:

Isaac Boone Wainscott born Oct. 29, 1829 in Polk Co., MO. and died June 9, 1877 in Bates Co., mO. He married Sarah Rebecca Payne on April 30, 1857 in Polk Co., MO. I have 3 children listed for them:

Barnett Barney Wainscott born Dec. 23, 1831 in MO. and died Mar 19, 1880 in Bates Co., MO. He married Alsey Payne on Jan. 20, 1852 in Polk Co., MO. I have 6 children listed for them:

Amanda M. Wainscott born Jan. 12, 1836 and died Dec. 13, 1913. She married 1st to (?) Martin and had 4 children. She married 2nd to John Stewart in Jan. 1853 in Polk Co., MO. and I have 2 children listed for them.

William Grant Wainscott born Jan. 11, 1838 Mo. and died July 17, 1904 in Bates Co., MO. He married Margaret Long on March 22, 1858 in Polk Co., MO. I have 11 children listed for them.

Louis Allen Wainscott born April 8, 1840 and died Oct. 12, 1921. He married Elvira Burns. I have 9 children listed for them. Louis possibly married a second time.

John L. Wainscott born Sept. 8, 1842 and died April 5, 1916.

Charles Benton Wainscott born Nov. 29, 1844 and died May 3, 1916. He married Perniecy Jane Evans on Feb. 22, 1872. I have 10 children listed for them.

Ira L. Wainscott born Jan. 29, 1847 and died in 1864 in Denver, TX. Montaque Co.

James Elbert "Eb" Wainscott born April 13, 1849 and died 1919. He married Belle Herron and had no children with her. He married Arabella Hulse on June 19, 1870 and I have 5 children listed for them.

Ewing Marian Wainscott born Mar. 8, 1834 in Clark Co, MO. and died Oct. 12, 1921 in Macon Co., MO. He married Sarah R. Simpson in 1861, in Polk Co., MO. Sarah was born Oct. 17, 1842 and she died Dec. 24, 1908.

Children of Ewing Marian and Sarah R. (Simpson) Wainscott are:

William L. Wainscott born Mar. 11, 1866 and died Sept. 14, 1941. He married Elizabeth "Lizzie" King.

Felix Aljoe Wainscott born Mar. 23, 1867 in Callao, MO. and died Jan. 26, 1934 in Callao, MO. He was 1st married to Addie Bernard. 2nd married to Laura Humphrey Thurston. 3rd married to Susan Elizabeth "Betty" Fletcher on May 21, 1890. 4th married to his 3rd wife's sister, Rebecca Jane Fletcher on June 3, 1896.

Rueben Thornton Wainscott born Aug. 9, 1874 and he married Ota B. Davis on Oct. 16, 1895.

Rebecca Elizabeth Wainscott born Dec. 12, 1875 and married Ira G. Moore on Dec. 12, 1900.

Charley Ewing Wainscott June 15, 1884 in Callao, MO. and died June 22, 1942 in Roundup, Montana-Musselshell Co. He married to Ethel Dell Taylor on Dec. 21, 1904 in Callao, MO.

Minnie Alice Wainscott born Mar. 27, 1869 in Missouri and died Dec. 6, 1935 in Macon, MO. She is buried in the Old Chariton Cemetery. She married Oliver Perry SEARS

on Mar. 20, 1889 in Macon Co., MO. Oliver was born Sept. 1859 in Callao or Macon, MO. He died July 30, 1934 in Macon, MO. He is buried in the Old Chariton Cemetery.

Minnie Alice (Wainscott) & Oliver Perry Sears had the following children:

Arthur C. Sears born May 18, 1890 in Saratoga, WY. He died Oct. 9, 1953 in Rockford, Ill. He married Jerusha Ellen Epperson on Sept. 24, 1911 in Macon Co., MO. I have 3 children listed for them.

Hazel C. Sears born April 1896 in Macon, MO. and died June 2, 1896 at the age on 1 month and 3 days old. She is buried in Old Chariton Church Cemetery.

Raymond E. Sears born Mar. 12, 1898 in Callao, MO. and died June 22, 1964 in Townsend, Montana. He married to Verna B. Salisbury and had s sons. He and Verna are buried in the Deep Creek Cemetery in Townsend, Montana.

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