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Samuel Sincock and Mary Hampton had a son named Thomas Sincock born in 1770.

Thomas Sincock born in 1770 was married to Anne Blewett. They had a son also named Thomas who was born on March 13, 1794 in Praze, Cornwall, England. He died about 1851 in Galena, Illinois. He was married to Mary Ann Geach in June 1872 in Galena, Illinois. Mary Ann Geach wa born in 1804 in England and died after 1860 in Galena, Illinois.

They had the following children:

William Geach Sincox

Thomas Sincox

John Sincox

Edwin Sincox

Mary Ann Sincox (died young)

Mary Ann Sincox (namesake for her sister that died)

Of the above children, Edwin Sincox was born Jan 21, 1835 in Cornwall, England and died Jan 18, 1914 in Foster, Iowa Monroe County. He married Ellen KEVERN on April 27, 1859 in Galena, Illinois. Ellen Kevern was born on Aug 4, 1844 in Galena, Illinois and died Feb 23, 1936 in Albia, Iowa Monroe County.

They had the folowing children:

Edwin Charles

Laura Jane


Ulysses Grant

John Wesley



Etta May (twin)

Clara Ellen

Cora Jane

Thomas Edgar (twin)

Frank Raymond Maude Augusta


Of the above children, Clara Ellen Sincox was born on Jan 22, 1873 in Galena, Illinois and died in 1930 in Helena, Montana. She was married to James Henry Sampson. James Henry Sampson was born on April 8, 1867 in Cornwall, England and died in 1940 in Montana.

They had the following children:

Edwin (died as an infant)

Bessy Ella

Katherine May (Katie)

Everett Clifford "Edgar"

Of the above children, Katherine May Sampson was born March 2, 1909 in Canyon Creek, Montana. She married to Raymond Wesley Reynolds. Raymond Wesley Reynolds born March 4, 1906 in Winston, Montana and died May 5, 1964 in Winston, Montana. They had one daughter, Norene June Reynolds.

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