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Sears Lineage

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This particular Sears line has been found to be descended from Henry Sears, however there are missing links to the lineage. I have traced back as far as Joseph Seers (Sears). The lineage between Henry and him is not known. If anyone has any information about these ancestors, please contact me.

1st Generation

Joseph Seers (Sears) died June 12, 1740, possibly in Middlesex, Virginia. His wife was Mary. I do not have her maiden name, or her dates of birth or death. They had the following children: Constant (later known as Constance),Catherine, Elizabeth, Joseph I, Violetta, Harry (Henry), Thomas I, Joseph II, Mary, Frances, Betty and Thomas II. I have found that all twelve of these children link to Joseph and Mary Sears. They had 2 sons named Thomas and 2 sons named Joseph. The earlier one's died and the latter one's were namesakes for their older siblings that had died.

2nd Generation

Thomas Sears b 1720 d 1788 married Elizabeth (?) Sears b ? d after 1788 They had 6 known children and most probably a 7th child, (Elizabeth Sears??). Children were: Joseph, Mary, Thomas Jr., John (my direct descendant), Henry, and William.

3rd Generation

John Sears b 1750 d 1830-31 married Matilda Mary HOPSON/HOBSON Sears on October 8, 1787. They had 7 children: Hardy (my direct descendant), Ivison, Henry, William H., Mary Elizabeth, Candace, and Sallie.

John was a Revolutionary War Soldier. He enlisted in 1777 as a Private in Captain Moores company, 10th Regiment. He was born in Virginia, and died in Missouri. The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Volume 73.

4th Generation

Hardy Sears b August 21, 1788 d March 25, 1856 married Mary Polly Sears, (who was his cousin), on February 11, 1808. They had 4 children: Wiley, Elisha, Josiah and John. His second wife was Dicey RIGSBY Sears. They had 11 Children: James, Willis, Mary Eliza, Wesley, Martin (my direct descendant), Andrew Jackson, Henry, Martha J., William, Francis Marion and Missouri Ann Sears.

5th Generation

Martin Sears b November 6,1826 d September 24, 1904. Married Anne RICE about 1848 in Randolph Co.,Mo. Martin and Anne had 8 children: James Green, Martha Jane, Missouri Ella., William Henry (Billy), Francis Marian, Oliver Perry, Willis Edwin, John Hardy.

Anne died December 10, 1865. Martin later married Malinda Jane DABNEY on Nov. 29, 1866. Malinda was born October 3, 1833 died June 3, 1918. She was previously married and had 3 Children by her first marriage: Eugene, Alberina and Henry C. BERNARD.

Martin and Malinda then had 2 children: Effa May and Albert M. Sears.

I have the info on the above children, and you may email me for requests.

6th Generation

Oliver Perry Sears b 1860 d 1934, married Minnie Alice WAINSCOTT

on March 20, 1889. Oliver and Minnie Sears had 3 children: Arthur Clarence Sears b May 18, 1890, Hazel C. Sears b April 1896 d June 2, 1895. (one month 3 days old) and Raymond E. Sears b March 1898 d June 22, 1965.

7th Generation

Raymond E. Sears b March 1898 married Verna B. SALISBURY Sears b August 2, 1897 d May 21, 1970 and had 2 children: Merle A Sears b March 6, 1920 d December 25, 1990 and Kenneth G. Sears b February 22, 1926 d February 13, 2005. (Kenneth married, but never had children)

8th Generation **Merle A. Sears, who is my father.

I am the 9th Generation and my children the 10th Generation.


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