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James SHANNON from Londonderry Ireland married Jane McHELENEY Shannon. They had one son James Alexander Shannon, b 4-17-1852 d 3-17-1933 (St. Patrick's Day)

James Alexander Shannon married Julia Ann BRAMLEY Shannon 11-17-1875. Julia b 3-4-1854 d 5-19-1928. Her parents were Mathew Bramley and Harriet Louise Brack/Brock. (Harriet's father was Charley Brack/Brock, and I have a poem that was written by him). James Alexander and Julia Shannon had 6 children:

Hattie Jane b. Dec. 3, 1876 in Warner, Illinois d. Aug. 4, 1963 in Hennessey, Oklahoma

Ella (Myrtle) Mae b. July 27, 1879 d. Nov. 11, 1972 (m) ? Clemmons

Harry W. b. Dec. 28, 1884 in Clearwater, Kansas d. Jan 15, 1957 Burial Clearwater, KS.(m)to Clara.

Guy Ellsworth b. Mar 7, 1887 Clearwater, KS. d. June 5, 1975. (m) Fern. (2 children)

Glen b. Feb. 18, 1890 d. Dec 30, 1962

infant (died) no info

Of the above children, Hattie Jane married John I. SALISBURY and had three children:

Verna B. b. Aug 2, 1897 Wichita, KS. d. May 21, 1970 Townsend, MT. (m) Raymond E. Sears

(2 children)

Earnest b. Jan 17, 1895 Wichita, KS. died Feb 21, 1914 in Wichita, KS.

Olive b. Jul 14, 1900 Wichita, KS. d. Dec 20, 1921 in child birth, son Orville raised by Olive's mother, Hattie. (m) ? Boylan.

Hattie Jane Shannon Salisbury later married to John Jolly. They adopted 2 children, Lois and Earl. Hattie also raised her grandson Orville, who was born crippled, and his mother Olive died in childbirth with him.

Since my Shannon Family was from Londonderry, Ireland, this "Irish Theme" page is dedicated to them and my Irish Heritage!!



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