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About the Author

Hi! My name is Merla Norene Sears Van Norman. I was born March 29th. I am an Aries. I was named after both of my parents: Merle & Norene Sears.

I started researching family history after the death of my father on Christmas evening...12-25-1990. He was 70 years old. I have been addicted ever since.

I never dreamed what a BIG project genealogy can become, however I have learned to love it as I go along. It is like taking a penny each day and doubling it for a month, soon you would have too many pennies to count!! Each time I learn a little more on a certain seems to reel me in further and further and further. I can hardly wait to see what I will find out next.

I am the mother of 5 children:

Lindsey Ray born 4-11

Kelsey Lynn born 11-16

Darsey Merle born 5-3

Casey Lee born 7-15

Lexsey Michal born 3-19

I have four sisters, Vicki, Vonnie, Vallie and Marla. I am the 4th of five.

I love to sew, cook, paint, read, fish, camp, garden and I love animals and music, and I guess you can say I am a history buff.

I hope you have enjoyed my site and I hope you'll come back I'm sure there will always be something new. Tell your friends to take a peek. Thanks for dropping by.

PS) I want to thank my son Lindsey for his help in teaching me how to build a website...without him, this would not have been possible. I also want to thank Angelfire for the website and I want to thank the NUMEROUS people who have contributed information to my searches. I also want to thank my other children, who have suffered great neglect, while my nose has been glued to this computer monitor!

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