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Genealogy by Harry D. Zook: Zug, Zuck, Zouck, Zook. Chapter one "Journey from the Past"

This page is dedicated to my Zucck Family. The surname Zaugg (Zougg), from which the spellings Zouck, Zug, Zuck and Zook have been derived, is of ancient Swiss origin. In early times, people with this name were found primarily in the valley of the Emme River (Emmental) which comprises a large section of present day Canton Bern. The name bears no relationship to the Canton of Zug, although unforyunately thius suggestion has been widely adopted, probably based on its appearance in a popular book on the Pennsylvania German and Swiss colonists published early in this century. (Oscar Kuhns, The German and Swiss Settlements of Colonial Pennsylvania, New York: Eaton and Mains 1901)

My line of Zucck begins with Hans Zug, who was born about 1664 and died about 1696 in Heidleberg, Baden, Germany. It is not known who Hans Zug married to, but he had two sons:

Ulrich Zug born in Switzerland, and died 1748.

Peter Zug who died about 1748, Lower Milford Twp., Bucks Co., PA.

Of the above children, Ulrich Zug was born in Switzerland and died in 1748 in Warwick (Penn) Twp., Lancaster, PA. He married Barbara Bachman, daughter of Hans Bachman and Magdaline Mosiman. Barbara was born in 1692 and died in 1758 PA.They had the following children:

Peter Zug born abt. 1733 died 1804 Morris Twp., Greene Co., Pa.

Henry Zug born abt. 1734

Magdalena Zug born abt. 1735; married Michael Franz Jr. June 12, 1748

Michael Zug (twin) born July 11, 1731 Lancaster, PA. died 1807 Washington, MD. married 1st to Barbara Segrist. married 2nd to Elenorah Bechtol.

Johannes Zug (twin) born July 11, 1731 Lancaster, PA. died April 2, 1821 Lancaster, PA.

Jacob Zug born abt. 1723 died January 1792, Washington Co., MD.

Christian Zug born Lancaster, PA. died 1815 Lancaster, PA. married to Barbara Bollinger

Christiana Zug born abt. 1740 married to John Musselman

Of the above children, Peter Zug was born about 1733 and died 1804 Morris Twp., Greene Co.,PA. Peter married to Mary (?) and had the following children:

Barbara Zucck born abt. 1749 died before 1788, Fallowfield Twp., Washington Co., PA.

Abraham Zucck born abt. 1750 died 1819, Montgomery Co., IN.

Deborah Zucck born 1755 died July 3, 1853 Marion, KY.

Elizabeth Zucck born May 13, 1756 Waynesburg, Greene Co., PA. died September 19, 1845 Clement, Ohio. married to Dennis Schmidt, Nov. 15, 1771.

David Zucck died 1810 Franklin Co., KY.

Catherine Zucck married John Miller.

Susanna Zucck (no info).

Of the above children, Abraham Zucck was born about 1750 and died 1819 in Montgomery Co., IN. He married to Catherine (?), who was born about 1766 and died January 10, 1843 in Montgomery Co., IN. they had the following children:

Peter Zucck born abt. 1787, PA.

David Zucck born 1792 died October 4, 1842.

Abraham Zucck born August 18, 1792 died May 5, 1880 Highland Park, Ohio.

Eve Zucck married Thomas Stewart Wharton Twp., Fayette Co., PA.

Deborah Zucck married Archibald Hood.

Jonathon Zook born Nov. 25, 1793 died June 25, 1874.

Susannah Zucck (no info).

Elizabeth Zucck born 1797 married to Elisha Huss.

Mary Zucck married to James Dean.

Thomas Zucck (no info).

Catherine Zucck married to Nicholas Baker.

Rachel Zucck (no info).

Solomon Zucck born August 2, 1809 died May 4, 1850.

Sarah Zucck (no info).

Of the above children, Peter Zucck was born about 1787 in PA. He married to Elizabeth Stout, who was born July 30, 1788 in NJ. and died April 15, 1850. Peter was also married 2nd to maria (?) on September 19, 1850. Peter Zucck and Elizabeth Stout had the following children:

Thomas Zucck born abt 1809 married 1st to Elizabeth Doty on August 21, 1831 and married 2nd to Sary Doty on August 9, 1838.

Abraham Zucck born abt. 1811 PA.

Jacob Zucck born Sept. 25, 1812 died June 16, 1855. married to Elizabeth Strine January 1, 1837.

Lydia Zucck married to Jonathon Jones Aug. 2, 1832.

Mahala Zucck born January 23, 1816 died 1888. married to Isaac Drake Chritton.

Elisha Zucck born abt. 1818 died March 1, 1863 married to Nancy Martin.

George Zucck married to Julian Ann Jones July 1, 1841.

Samuel C. Zucck married to Chlorinda Albertson April 21, 1844.

Peter Zucck married to Lavina Dorsey October 5, 1848.

Of the above children, Mahala Zucck was born November 8, 1816 and died February 24, 1888. She married to Isaac Drake Chritton who was born January 22, 1815 and died April 3, 1868. He was the son of Christopher Stanfort Chritton and Eura Eaton Drake. Mahala and Isaac had the following children:

Elizabeth Jane Chritton born Dec. 13, 1838 died April 2, 1914 married to (?) Chenowith.

Abraham Lawson Chritton born Dec. 6, 1840. married to Mary (?).

Uriah Amanda Chritton born Nov. 4, 1842. married to Henry Stancer.

John William Chritton born Aug. 12, 1844. married to (?), but had at least 3 children.

Martha Ellen Chritton born Sept. 3, 1847 and married to John Warfield.

Catherine (Kate) Lovina Chritton born August 7, 1849 in Waynetown, IN. and died Sept. 5, 1929 Wichita, KS. married to George Albert Salisbury on Nov. 4, 1869 in Hillsboro, IN.

Sarepta Ann Chritton born Sept. 22, 1857 and died June 8, 1882. married to (?) Prater.

Nancy Ida Chritton born Jan 31, 1860 and died March 29, 1862.

This ends my Zucck lineage. If you would like any further info, please email me.


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