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The Salisbury Story

The SALISBURY Family History has been traced back as far as George Albert Salisbury. He was born October 30, 1844 in Indiana.and d died January 15, 1907. He was known by his friends as Albert. Catherine Lovina CHRITTON was born August 7, 1849 in Waynetown, Indiana and was known as Kate. Albert and Kate were married in Hillsboro, Indiana on November 4, 1869.

They moved to Kansas September 1, 1884. They lived on farms near Baynesville and on the Stewart Farm near Clearwater, KS. The children attended the Enterprise School. They later moved to a farm (The Mean's Farm) located about 2 and a half miles south of Goddard. On this farm Albert Salisbury passed away January 15, 1907.

Their children were: Effie, John Isaac, Lulu who were born in Indiana and Coral, Amy, Emma, George Jr., Pearl, Mabel, William and Alta, who were all born in Kansas. Alta was born at the Stewart Farm.

After her husband's death, Kate Salisbury moved her family, Willie and Alta to the O.C. Daisy Farm. It is located where we know the area as Maize Road and Highway 54 West. They also lived for about a year in Artesia, New Mexico. (1913-1914)

They later moved to Wichita, Kansas and lived in the 400 block of North Walnut. Later moving to 332 S. Oak in Wichita. There Kate Salisbury passed away Sept. 5, 1929.

** I have names of the children that these 11 children of Albert and Kate had. If anyone needs this information, please email me and I will be happy to share it with you.**

George and Catherine's son John I. Salisbury was born February 2, 1872 and died January 7, 1949. He married Hattie Jane SHANNON, whose parents were James Alexander SHANNON and Julia BRAMLEY SHANNON. John and Hattie made their home in Wichita, Kansas and had 3 children: Verna B. Salisbury DAVIS Sears (my grandmother), Earnest and Olive. John and Hattie divorced and Hattie remarried a man named John JOLLY. John never remarried.

Earnest Salsibury was born January 17, 1895 and was killed in a motorcycle accident on February 21, 1914 at the age of 19. Olive was born July 14, 1900. Olive married a man named BOYLAN and died giving birth on December 20, 1921. She left a crippled son named Orville, who her mother Hattie raised. It is not known what happened to BOYLAN.

Hattie and the man she married, John JOLLY adopted 2 children. Lois and Earl. Lois moved to Texas and that was her last known residence. Earl married a woman named Goldie and died in Hennessey, Ok. He is buried in the same cemetery as his mother Hattie in Hennessey, OK. Hattie died at the age of 86 in an Enid, OK hospital.

John I. Salisbury is buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Callao, MO along with his parents George and Catherine Salisbury, and 2 of his children, Earnest and Olive.

Verna B. Salisbury Davis Sears married Raymond E. SEARS and they made their home in Townsend, Montana and both are buried in the Deep Creek Cemetery in Townsend along with their son, Merle A. SEARS, my father.


Wichita, Kansas

May 11, 1926

Dear daughter, I was shure glad to hear from you and I am glad to know you are well. i shure thought you had forgotten your Papa for I havent heard from you for so long. Mirttle called to say that Jean Seruthers wife had triplets all doing fine. I dont know any thing about Levona or Jerold leaving. i dont ce any of the office girles. I still love the one Verna. I run the sand pump. I'm doing pretty good. Lots of work you know. that is what I like. Things look fine here now. we had a backword Spring. The rye is shoulder high. Headed out, looks like harvest time. I shure like to see my new grandson. Like to have Murell to play with. I shure love that boy. I will close for this time.

John I. Salisbury Love and Best wishes.

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