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The Reynolds Story-Pictured is Townsend House ran by Cliff & Julia (Peterson) Reynolds

Julia HAMB was born in Germany in 1853. She came to New York City when she was 18 years old. There she met and married Peter PETERSON, who had recently came to this country from Denmark. They came west where Peterson worked in various mines. They had 2 children: Charles and Julia Jr. PETERSON.

Peterson was a miner, but was also a gambler. One time when he had a streak of "good luck", he used his winnings to purchase the "Halfway" House, which was a freight and stage station located about 1 mile NE of the present town of Winston, Montana, on Beaver Creek. They operated the Halfway House for awhile and then he went to work in a mine at Rimini, and lived in Helena, MT. Shortly after taking the job, he died of injuries received in a mine accident in 1875. After his death, his wife and 2 children returned to Winston, MT., where they lived in a small log cabin since the lease of the Halfway House would not be up until March 1, 1876.

On March 1, 1876 Julia took over the Halfway House. About that time Cliff REYNOLDS entered the picture. He drove a freight outfit from the Gallatin Valley to the halfway House. (Bozeman, MT.) Also known as the "Old Bozeman Trail." (passing through on his route) He and Julia became aqauinted and they were married in February of 1877. They had one daughter named Alice, after Cliff's sister. Cliff legally adopted Julia's 2 children, Charles and Julia Jr. PETERSON. Their name was then changed to REYNOLDS.

They operated the Halfway House for ahwile and then sold it. They purchased what is now the ALBRIGHT Ranch. They tore it down and moved it down to the ranch. While it was being rebuilt, Cliff and Julia ran the Townsend House in Townsend, Montana and in 1883, they moved back to the ranch on Beaver Creek. Cliff REYNOLDS passed away in 1919, but Julia REYNOLDS ran the ranch until 1936, when she passed away.

The daughter, Julia Jr. PETERSON REYNOLDS married Edward ALBRIGHT, who came from Newton, Illinois. He came to Winston, MT. to run a store. In the early 1900's Edward and Julia moved to Bloomfield, ILL., where they ran a Mercantile store and did some farming. They were the parents of 9 children: Edna, Leola, Alice, Clella, Violet, Evelyn, Albert, Edward and Charles.

In 1928, Albert came to Winston, Mt. to be with his grandmother, Mrs. Cliff REYNOLDS, for 2-3 years, working both in Winston and Helena, MT.

Albert married Mable WELLHOUSER-BALBI, who had 3 children by her 1srt marriage: Edward, Jay and Florence. Mable was born in Great Falls, MT. in 1912 to Mr. & Mrs. Jay WELLHOUSER of Craig, MT., who were from pioneer families. Mable was rasied and educated in Craig and was living in Helena Valley, where she met and married Albert. They moved to Townsend in 1940 where they farmed for 2 years, moving to the Winston ranch in 1942, which belonged to his mother Julia ALBRIGHT. Julia ALBRIGHT had been left the ranch after her mother's death. (Mrs. Cliff REYNOLDS) Albert purchased the farm in 1945. The children attended schools in Winston and Townsend, Mt. In 1964 they returned to the ranch permanently.

Because of the ill health of Albert, he had to go to a rest home in Helena, Mt. In 1976, they sold the ranch to Rick Diehl of Winston, Mt., after the ranch had been in the family for over 100 years!! Mable and a married daughter, Julia THOMPSON, then resided in Helena, Mt.

The son of Peter PETERSON (adopted by Cliff REYNOLDS) and Julia HAMB REYNOLDS, went on to marry Docie Frances BEAVER. Charles and Docie REYNOLDS had 4 children: Pearl Myrtle REYNOLDS, Raymond Wesley REYNOLDS, Ivan Lee REYNOLDS and Hazel Sylvia REYNOLDS.

Docie REYNOLDS was alone at the ranch when Raymond Wesley was born. On March 4, 1906, she had walked (in labor) to get a mile up the road to her in-laws ranch. The home of Cliff and Julia REYNOLDS. She had Pearl (2 years old) on her arm and walked through deep snow. With her husband Charles away at work, Julia REYNOLDS walked to Winston for the doctor to be called from Townsend, which was 13 miles away. Docie gave birth to Raymond Wesley and by the time that Julia got back to the ranch, the baby was already a couple of hours old. Docie had to get up and wrap the baby in the tail of her nightgown, to get the scissors off the clock shelf, to cut the umbillical cord. She later had to be taken to the hospital in Helena for care. While she was there, Cliff and Julia REYNOLDS were to care for Pearl Myrtle until Docie got back on her feet, but they would not give Pearl back to Docie and Charles. The reasons as to this, are not clear. So, Pearl was raised by her grandparents until the time of her marriage to Porter DeWITT.

The 3rd child also a boy, Ivan Lee REYNOLDS was born June 23, 1908 at St. Peter's Hospital in Helena, MT.

The 4th child, was born on the ranch, this being a girl named Hazel Sylvia REYNOLDS. Again Docie was alone while giving birth. Hazel was born July 1, 1911.

Raymond Wesley REYNOLDS married Katherine May SAMPSON REYNOLDS on September 27, 1928. They had one daughter, Norene June REYNOLDS born June 4, 1933 in Helena, Montnana. They made their home in Winston, Montana. Raymond Wesley REYNOLDS died May 8, 1964 at his home in Winston, MT. Katherine (Katie) REYNOLDS later re-married to Raleigh B. COLE. They lived in Winston, Mt. Raleigh died and is buried in Forestvale Cemetery in Helena, Mt. Katherine SAMPSON REYNOLDS COLE died January 14, 1995 in St. Peter's Hospital, Helena, Mt. and is also buried in the Forestvale Cemetery next to her husband Raymond REYNOLDS.

Raymond and Katherine (Katie) REYNOLD's daughter Norene June REYNOLDS married John TRARBACH and moved to Kansas. John and Norene had 3 daughters: Vicki Diane, Vonnie Diane and Vallie Dorene. John was later killed in a car accident (hit by a drunk driver). Norene and the 3 little girls moved back to Montana to be closer to her parents. She later married Merle A. SEARS of Townsend, Mt. and they had 2 daughters: Merla Norene and Marla Kay SEARS. Merle SEARS died 12-25-1990.

Births of the 5 daughters are as follows:

Vicki Diane TRARBACH born February 25

Vonnie Diane TRARBACH born September 23

Vallie Dorene TRARBACH born August 2

Merla Norene SEARS born March 29

Marla Kay SEARS born March 27

Pearl and her husband had 1 daughter, Alta DeWITT RHOADES. Alta married and had 2 sons.

Ivan Lee REYNOLDS married Mary Dene CARSON REYNOLDS STOCKING, and had 3 children: Lee, David and Susan REYNOLDS. Ivan died at his home, November 19, 1954 of a heart attack.

Hazel Sylvia REYNOLDS married Bill CLAYTON. She and Bill adopted a girl named Lisa from Korea. Bill and Hazel later divorced. Hazel and Lisa reside in CA., and have for many years. Lisa is now married to Robert, but has no children. Robert was previously married and has a daughter named Tina.

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