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Name: Mya Marie Harrison

Age: 21

Started Out: As a back-up singer for Pras

Earned Contract: By auditioning in her living room 2 years ago.

favorite snack: apple chips

favorite actor: Sylvester Stallone

favorite vacation spot: the bahamas

Background Info:

Mya was born on October 10, 1979 in Washington D.C. and also lived in Maryland.

She took ballet and tap when she was younger, and took dance at age two.

Her race is 50% Italian and 50% black

On Mya's record are: Dru Hill, Babyface, Missy Elliot, and Diane Warren

She has two brothers: Chaz who is 10 and Nigel who is 19.

Interesting facts:

1- In 6th grade Mya practiced for an audition to sing. If she practiced in the house, her brother would tell her to shut up. So she'd practice outside behind the bushes!

2- She chickened out and never made it to the audition.

3- Mya co-produced and co-wrote her first album, which went double-platinum

4- Top 5 tunes: "It's All About Me", "Movin' On", "Take Me There", "Ghetto Supastar", and "My First Night With You".

5- Mya participated in ballet, tap, dancing, pom-pom squad, orchestra, and baton twirling.

6- Mya used to hate performing when she was younger.

7- Mya quit everything at the age of 10.

8- Mya's father wanted her to be a surgeon, but her mom told her to do what she loved---which was sing.

9- At 14, she asked her mother to listen to her sing.

10- Her father set up a meeting with the President of University Music Entertainment through someone he knew.

11- Mya performed a Jackson 5 song called "Who's Lovin' You".

12- When Mya was 17, she spotted the guy she was dating with 5 different girls.

13- Mya's first album was all about doing things for the first time, and the impact it has on you.

14- Mya's first movie is entitled "In Too Deep" and will be out later this year.

15- Mya designs her own clothes.

16- Mya designed the white dress she wears in the "My First Night With You" video.

17- Quote from YM Magazine: "I'm always going to be singing---I don't think I could ever get tired of it. I like to make other people have a good time".

18- Mya has a guitar and enjoys playing it in her spare time

19- She is currently hotel-hopping and only visits her home in Maryland about once a month

20- She travels with a top-secret journal and her concert and lyric books. She does a lot of writing on the road.

thanks to YM magazine for [most of] this info.

The album is about quote: "Relationships,being young, throwing parties, getting hurt for the first time, hating someone for leaving because it hurts so much, about all the things you go through for the first time when you're my age-or the second time or third time as you grow up. The album's about taking control, saying goodbye and moving on when you're down. It's about not being afraid."

I am not Mya---just a fan!