A Glorious Spring to everyone, and welcome to Midnight Bay! I am your resident Coffee Tramp and Webmistress, Claire. You've stumbled across a little bit of the universe which this dedicated group of writers and their characters like to call home. Our home is currently hosted by four co-moderators, to whom all new subscribers, and their characters, will be referred. The current co-moderators are Kristina, Kevin, Porsha, Trisha, April, and myself.

Porsha is our time keeper, and she does a beautiful job of keeping us on our toes.

Kevin is, well, a Pepsi Swilling Bum, but we all love him anyway.

Kristina, of course, is our founder, and she's there to crack the whip when we need her to, though she's on leave at the moment.

Trisha is our well-rounded fifth mod, and a regular tease she is, too.

Our newest mod is April, the creator of some exciting and innovative story arcs, and she's nuts like the rest of us, which is a plus.

As for me? I'll have a cup of coffee in hand at all times, and try to keep this page updated as often as possible. In addition, all potential characters go through me, and bribes of coffee are appreciated and accepted. We're all glad that you've come here, and hope that you'll decide to make Midnight Bay your new home.

This RPG is based upon the Anita Blake series written by the wonderfully talented Laurel K. Hamilton. The rules in this universe are relatively simple. In addition to History and English, Intro to Preternatural Studies has become a core class at college. Your next door neighbor might very well be a vampire. You don't need to panic, just be a little cautious. The local fey could own a coffee shop (it's amazing what human quirks they pick up on) and your girlfriend could be a werecheetah. Don't be surprised at the unusual happenings, and you'll fit in just fine.

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