~My Music~

welcome to my music page…this just pretty much talks ‘bout what i like and don’t like in the music biz…=D
muchmusic countdown
overall song: every morning – sugar ray
music video: you got me – the roots
soundtrack: godzilla
single: changes - 2pac
compilation: big shiny tunes 3
rap song: can i get a… – jay-z
dance song: sucks to be you – prozzak
song from a movie: ghetto superstar – pras f/ mya, o.d.b. {from bulworth}
rock song: every morning – sugar ray
cd i own: grammy nominees 1999
old song: mony mony – by the chipmunks??? *l*
as you can probably tell, I like a huge variety of tunes! I’ll listen to almost anything - - EXCEPT COUNTRY! I only like 2 country songs (how do I live by leanne rimes and wide open spaces by dixie chicks) and I’m not much into really heavy crap like nine inch nails and korn and all that, but I don’t mind it! =D I’m pretty open about what I like…some of my favourite all-time songs are:
basket case, when I come around, brain stew - green day
praise you, rockafeller skank - fatboy slim
switch, something wicked this way comes - tlc
Mary Jane, head over feet, you learn - alanis morissette
people everyday – arrested development
whoomp there it is – tag team
rappers delight – those three guys (I can never remember their names!)
every morning – sugar ray
mo’ money mo’ problems – biggie, mase, puffy
power of goodbye – madonna
venus – bananarama
northern touch – rascals f/ northern touch
apparitions – matthew goodband
you don’t love me (like you used to do) – philosopher kings
sucks to be you – prozzak
ghetto superstar – pras f/ mya, odb
ready or not, no woman no cry, fu-gee-la (and all the remix’s!) – the fugees
tearing up my heart – ‘n sync
push – matchbox 20
hard knock life – jay-z
ex-factor, zion, pretty baby, doo-wop – lauryn hill

please keep in mind that all these are my personal opinion and if you have a problem with it, feel free to tell me about it, but don’t bother trying to put me down because of what I listen to cause I really don’t care what people think of me!! kapeesh??
one of my favourite things about music is dancing. I love dancing. I may not be to good or anything, but I luv it!! just thought I’d share that with you…I also luv singing, and I sing ALL the time. some of the artists whose songs I luv to sing are:
sarah mclachlin
alanis morissette
lisa loeb
andrew lloyd weber (he made all them musicals)
janet jackson (go ahead and laugh!!!)
well, that’s about it!! this is just for anyone who cares – music is probably my favourite thing in the world besides vanilla icing!! =D so hope you had fun! I did this page more for me than anyone…*s* keep browsin’ around

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