~ M o t h e r ~
You've been a friend, you're always there
You've always given me so much care
You give me $$, you helped me grow
When you're proud, you let me know
You've stuck by me through thick and thin
Your "sense of humour" makes me grin
You've always let me right my wrong
And diciplined me when I stay out too long
You'll always be there when I'm in need
You've watched over me since I was a seed
You never yell or raise your voice
You help me make the correct choice
I know you're not perfect, you make mistakes
But I'll always be there for you, whatever it takes
You've loved me since the day I was born
And helped me deal with Mrs. Foran =o)
You've corrected me and made me strong
And you've even beaten me in ping pong!
You've taught me to stick up for myself
And told me what matters, LOVE, not wealth
And though I might whine and often complain
And seem to often be in some kind of pain
You're always right there to calm and listen
And manage to smile when my tears glisten
You've always taught me to look above
And for you I have nothing but love...

Happy Mother's Day!

M a r i a n n e