~You GO Guyfriends!~ *l*

Aaron H.
Aaron B.

forget the jim bit, he's known to me as WEINER, so that's what i'll call him. not that i'm perverted or anything, it has to do with an old hockey injury.............(i'll leave it at that! let your imaginations run wild!) so weiner is cool because he has a car. a really really really COOL car, right? he says its a gramma car...(it might just be that, too!) anyways, he's one of the stupidest, funniest guys around, and he's cool, and i luv him, too bad he never CALLS ME ANYMORE! *ahem* oh well, i'm over it...here he is again, in this group shot...

now i do believe his email is:

now, marcus doesn't ALWAYS look like that...(thank god, you say....) well this is at a camping trip...i was practicing to be a professional hairstylist...not too shabby, eh? my talents exceed something or other (i'm not sure what i'm saying exactly!) so, this is marcus...i've known him since we were born, which, coincidentally, was on the exact same day in the very same hospital! kinda freaky, eh?? muahahaha, so i guess we're "bonded"...i can say this for sure, though...he is one FUCKED UP BOY! hehehe, but he's cool enough...i have another pic, it's just a matter of time before i get it up and running...=D
now marc here DOES have icq, but he's hard to find...hehehe, but here's his email (it's a great one!)

forget the name aaron, i never call him that...this is Humma, 100% of the time...great pic, eh? Humma's da MAN, he's so funny! too bad he's never around anymore, dammit! he went to my public school, so i've known him just about as long as anybody in this area has...we used to call him chipmunk, cause he's got those cute cheeks...muahaha (not BUTT cheeks! get yer mind outta the gutter!) anyways, he's cool, and he makes one HOT chick, lemme tell you THAT! too bad he has a tendancy of cross-dressing in english class...oh well, i don't expect him to be PERFECT!!!
humma...PARTY STYLE!

here he is again! that's not what it looks like! (hint: it came from a watergun....)

what a crazy bastard HE is! i mean, he's no pamela anderson, but i think baywatch could be interested in this sexy man stallion....*l* this guy is nutz, i'm telling you, he's the funniest! he's really strange, but that's okay because, well, i LIKE strange! muahahaha. Jon's really cool, because he has a BITCHIN' car...it's like a really old ACADIAN! i've driven it before (shhh, don't tell!!) and it sucks, but i luv it! i almost bought it off him! (yeah right, like i have $$$) Anyways, so this guy's a partying MACHINE!! tons of fun...he likes long walks on the beach, romantic candlelight dinners...if any of you guys are interested, call him at...oh SHIT, that wasn't supposed to be there...where's that erase button? oh i forget...OH WELL! jonny's nicknames include: jcc, chicken catcher, chicken catcher jon, clucksey...etc...
you can email this hot sexy stud at: