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Photographs - Linda McCartney

"Photography had to come into my life. Reading books is something I find hard to do - I'd rather be looking at, and taking in life's visual pleasures."

"As a child I was animal mad, especially about horses. I spent any free time at a local stable where pleasure for me was being with horses. Sitting on a horse's back is a great way for me to see and feel my environment - I take photos while riding, and often out of car windows"

"After Arizona I returned to New York and began taking photographs as a career. For me, the child who never seemed to do anything right, taking pictures was a natural. I found great pleasure in looking, and through a lens I could see, and therefore capture, moments - making them into memories."

I have seen paintings and photographs depicting the horrors of war, the slaughter of animals for human gain and sport, and man's general persecution of his fellow living creatures be they human or animal. I don't think the world has changed much because of these visuals, but I do hope they are making the world more aware of the suffering that exists. At the same time I feel that capturing day by day happiness and warmth is also important for a balanced outlook."

"I am a great believer in the expression 'every picture tells a story' "

Linda McCartney 1982

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