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Learn About Brampton

Okay I kinda got the idea to do this from Hecklers Page (Clt. Township) It was cool. So I decidede I wanted to try it.

Im gonna start as far back as I can remember... I think it was 1995, March, a few days after my Birthday. It was after my hockey game when I first heard that there was a Laser Quest in Brampton. I had heard from a classmate that there was one in Mississauga and I had heard on the radio about one in Oshawa. So I was happy when I heard this because I had wanted to play. So I basically talked my Dad into going one day. So we went, It was cool when I first walked in I was met with Video Games, vending machine's pretty much like an Arcade. We bought into one game I think the codename I used was "Combat" because I had been playing Mortal Kombat. My Dad played as Tar Heel, and still does. We went into the game, I had alot of fun. When I came out I was in like 13th place or something and my Dad was suprisingly in 3rd! So I was happy that he did so well. Then we decided to buy memberships. We bought them I once agian used Combat and he used Tar Heel. We went into the next game and played, having some experience I did better then the game before.

So we started going on a regular basis Twice a week maybe. My Dad was getting to be good, to the point where Marshalls were suprised at how well he played. He was consistanlly winning and I was somewhere around 6th. I still hadn't caught on how to play. He had found a style that was working wonders for him. We continued to play for fun for another 2-3 months. Then....

It was my Dad's birthday, it also happened to be a members night. Something I had only heard off before. So I asked him if he was intrested in going I said I would pay for him and myslef because it was his Birthday. He agreed.

When I arrived it was busy, we bought in to 5 of the 8 games. I was ready to go into the first game, I was hoping to suprise all these players as to how "good" I was. Boy did I get a shock. I remember walking in and grabbing a pack, while the others just casually grabed anyone. I watched as they keyed in. We said the players code of honour and we walked into the maze then a member that I would later find out was known as PrettyBoy called out "Tower 2 battle". I had no idea where this was so I just followed everyone. To make a long story short, I got totaly destroyed, coming out in like 24th. The worst I had ever done! I was convinced that they were cheating, so I went into the next game determined. I did a little better but I was still not happy. My Dad however was doing well he was finishing in the Top 8 almost everygame. I left the members night realizing that I was nothing special and that If I wanted to play like them I would need to work at it.

I still remember playing people like Skelator, Obliviax, PrettyBoy, Iceman, Merlin, NirvanaDud and Logan. I had decided that I didn't want to imitate any of there styles. I was determined to get it by myslef. So I tryed about 2 months later I returned to a members night. They almost instantlly remembered my Dad. But I felt like a Ghost. I was talking to some and having a great time but when I went into the maze I was still getting beating. This type of thing went on for about 6-7 months. Untill after the NAC's. Then members night calmed down we still had a good 30 players but not the same calibur, some where still there, but some of the better players had left. Logan had retired, PrettyBoy had said he was no longer intrested and "Style" got banned. So it was time for some new players to come in. I wanted to be one of them.

I went to the members nights and was doing alright I would get in the top ten maybe once a members night. Which was great for me back then. I was trying hard and others began to notice that I maybe had some potential. Then It happened, one members night in around 96' a player by the name of Spotlight entered the scene. Most of the members knew him right away so I gathered he was one of the old guys that had come back. Well he was sort of. He was a player who had been there since the beggining and had never really taken the game seriouslly. Players had begged him to come to members nights and play. But he didn't then when he walked in the door it was like a victory for Brampton. He was a player that had played against most members but not on members nights. So my attitude towards him was well this guy has no idea what he's getting into. I was talking like I actually knew something about LQ at that time. So that was my attitude towards him. We went into the first game, it was a lot of tension it seeming no one was loud or goofing around, they were all serious. By this time it had become an unwritten law that all big games were to be played in Tower 2. So without even thinking twice that's where I headed. I was followed into the tower by numerous players. Before the game started I I got myself in a postion so I could see Spotlight i waited as the count down began. I noticed that Spotlight had seen me, when the game started my pack barely had a chance to come up before he tagged it down. He was rushed by about 2 other players and me tagged both of them, then as I was coming back up, he tagged me agian. I decided to move. When the game ended I was amazed to see who got first place it was Spotlight! I couldn't believe his score it was one of the highest I had ever seen in my carreer. After that game my opinions that he was a nobody changed.