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Players Trying Out

Since I do not have a copy of the list of people trying out, I will have to do it off the top of my head untill I can get a copy.

1. Decoy
2. Ourmorv (spelling?)
3. Hicks
4. Excalibur
5. "Deuce"
6. *Dash*
7. *Muhahaha*
8. Tasmanian
9. Maverick
10. Hetfield
11. "Tar Heel"
12. Gremlin.
13. Riptide
14. Skelator
15. Obliviax
16. Ironhead
17. *JAWA*
18. H-Spawn
19. Artz

That's all I can recall at this time sorry If I forgot somebody I know there's about 20 trying out.