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North Region Rankings


#30. Hitman Montreal, Que
#29. *King Reef* Montreal, Que
#28. Skelator Brampton, Ont
#27. R@DER Clinton Township, MI
#26. R a V y N Cliton Township, MI
#25. Sniper Grand Rapids, MI
#24. Odd Madison Heights, MI
#23. Play Doh Madison Heights, MI
#22. Predator Westland, MI
#21. *DASH* Brampton, Ont
#20. MaLfEsTrA Rochester, NY
#19. Dilu'Vian Westland, MI
#18. Gaspacho Rochester, NY
#17. Spotlight Brampton, Ont
#16. Heckler Clinton Township, MI
#15. "KyLe" Rochester, NY
#14. Khaos Lodon, Ont
#13. Cool Ice Clinton Township, MI
#12. T Extreme Brampton, Ont
#11. '99 Style Westland, MI

#10. Lampchop Oshawa, Ont
#9. Smoke Oshawa, Ont
#8. Cool Ice, Clinton Township, MI
#7. HETFIELD Brampton, Ont
#6. EXODUS Westland, MI
#5. The Dodger Westland, MI
#4. EXCALIBUR Brampton, Ont
#3. REV_JERk Madison Heights, MI
#2. "DECOY" Brampton, Ont

#1. Hutch Madison Heights, MI

The Top four players from this years regionals were Rev. Jerk, Excalibur, Hutch and TheDodger. I wanted to make sure that those 4 were all in the top 5. But I had to look at past tournaments. With Hutch being a NAC Champion, top ten player 2 times (possibly 3) him being on the winning Madison 3 man team. I figured that he had earned place number 1. Decoy is 2nd because of his preformances at The Mississauga 5 man and the MAD 3 man. He also was a top ten player in 98. Jerk is 3rd because every year he has competed he has been a top 40 player. He has won the NACs, and the Madison Heights 3 man. Excalibur is there because of his second overall ranking at the North Regionals. As well as 6th overall in the North Last Year. So I figured 6-2=4. The Dodger rounds out the top 5 cause of his incredible preformences at all 3 tournaments this summer. He is top 15 at the Summerslam 5 man. Top Ten at the MAD 3 man. And Top 5 at the North Regionals.

thanks for your time.