Introducing, Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe:

Pretty as a picture with a great brain tipped to be the future Mrs. Prince William. Isabella is no fairytale princess:she might be squeaky clean, but she's no bore. To make her happy, buy her chocolate, jewellery, and anything pink.(from Tatler)

She is a sunny-faced, 19-year-old blonde, and a student at Edinburgh University, which William is expected to spend at least some time at in the next few years. She is said to be an accomplished stage performer. Her grandfather was one Earl Curzon, who before World War II cut a dash as a racing driver.(ITN)

Katherine Bearman :

So beautiful she gets to sit next to Prince William at parties and hangs out with his set at the K-Bar. Her filthy sense of humour is legendary and she's as stubborn as a mule. Potential suitors should be careful not to cross her fiercly protective brother Christian. (Tatler)

Tara Palmer-Tompkinson : E! Online and Seventeen Online, have similar reports. They both said Tara have been seen around with Wills at parties and other outings.

Guess what? Tara wrote an article in response to all the controversy surrounding her conduct around Wills and Harry.

In a British Society Magazine, (Nov. 1999), she said, "That is so far from the truth. I am a drug addict, not a paedophile.There is so much mystery attached to that family that people like to think they know what really goes on.I've messed around with lots of friends both young and old by the pool, with everyone playing striptease and debagging one another - public school slang for tearing off a victim's trousers. But then the disease 'rumourtism' kicks in, and instead of 10 people clowning around, you have only two. And then it suddenly becomes really serious - and before you know it, you're branded a sexual deviant. William is a mate, but that's one thing I'm really not going to go into."

It is said that Tara Palmer-Tomkinson has been banned from going on holiday with Princes William and Harry. The person that spoke to the press said that this comes after the royal trio became embarrased by her antics. In a quote they said, " They are teenage boys,and like all boys of that age are senstive about such blatant behaviour. They squirm when she gets up her antics." Rumored antics of hers include last summer when she took off her bikini top in front of William and encouraged him to look at her- Tara is said to have thought it hilarious, but shy William simply turned away. On another break in Kloster's, Tara infuriated Charles when she launched herself on to William's lap. Supposedly, and embarrased William fought her off and left the room. (Anonymous person sent this)

Emily Mortimer : Sexy, sassy brunette actress who has captured the attention of Prince William. Candidates will be hard-pushed to keep up with her-she is brilliant at journalism, outdoor sports, and partying.(Tatler)

Britney Spears:

People Online: Britney Spears, who turned 18 on Thursday, has stated the obvious. She thinks Britain's Prince William is "cute." "She admires both Prince William and Harry," a spokeswoman for the pop singer told PEOPLE's London Bureau. "She thinks William is cute. She admires how they cope with being in the public eye. She can relate to the fact that they have the press in their face all the time but are able to get on with their lives." According to Britain's Daily Star, Spears received a note from the 17-year-old Prince, asking her to "contact him" the next time she's in the U.K. The message came in a thank-you to Britney after she sent him sexy pictures of herself when she heard he was a fan. Yet despite press reports to the contrary, the two young things have no plans to meet, the spokeswoman said.

Christina Aguilera:

Speculations with her dating Wills were short lived, because soon after the rumours broke, Christina called up the tabloids and said something like: she's not fighting Britney for Wills, she has never sent him any CDs or Photos of herself. She said in an interview that she prefers bad boys, I guess Will's not bad enough for her :-)

Here's what I found on her official site:

RUMOR NUMBER 3 - Christina has been talking with and sending gifts to Prince William.

FALSE. Christina has never spoken with, met or attempted to ever communicate with Prince William.

Victoria Atkinson (?)

Who is this?

So, you might wonder how this works? Basically, any girl lucky enough to be pictured with Wills is on the's kind of ridiculous, but hey, since Will's not telling us who he's dating, the next best thing is to speculate. I also included some exerps from the British Press, which aren't very reliable.

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