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1. What's up with the dancing baby?

I just put it on my page to annoy people :o) just kidding. I first fell in love with it when I saw it on Ally McBeal. And it's sooo adorable....doesn't he look like William as a baby? (no? I didn't think so :0).

2. How old are you?

I was born a Leo. Leo are big cats (lions) hence the name kittywinky. My birthstone is a ruby, it's a beautiful and deep red. As for my age...I'd rather not say for security reasons . . .I heard people should never give their age over the net ;o). What do you think?

3)"I was wondering if you lived in England near him [William] or if you had ever seen him [William] before in real life." (March 1999)

I don't live in England. I've never been there and I've never seen William in real life. I did recently meet a girl in my Publishing class who has. Let me tell you that was an exciting chat we had. She met William, Harry, and Charles last March in Canada. And she even met Queen Elizabeth, all this took place in Vancouver I think.

4) Do you have any extra info on William. March 1999.

I have very little extra info on William besides what you see on my page. I try to keep the page up to date to all the new info so come back often. And do send me extra tidbids!

5) "Isn't he the cutest guy ever?!!!" Feb. 1999.

Ummmm . . .yes! After some serious speculations and ananyzing all the photos, I do conclude that it is popular belief that William IS the cutest guy ever. As of NOW (Mar. 6, 1999) my opinion poll says that 55% of you would rather have PW all to yourself than World Peace (tsk, tsk, tsk).

6) "Can I add your link to my page?" March 1999.

Yes, please do. It would be a great pleasure and honor.

7. Do you mind if I put up my banner image? March 1999.

I'd prefer you'd go to the Message board to advertise your page if that is your only purpose, to advertise. But if you have a comment and a URL you'd like to share, feel free to use the Guestbook. You see I was hoping my Guestbook, would be pristine, pleasant and free of the lame "please come see my site" kind of comments. I love it when guests add their URL to the Guestbook and I always go see their pages.

8. Where do you get your info from? March 1999.

There are a variety of sources which contribute to this page. Books, internet sites (like on Massive Links Page), news articles, news reports, some gossip from Prince William fans, etc.

9. Do you have Prince William's e-mail adress, phone # and etc? March 1999

No. No. and No.

10. How often do you update? March 1999

I updated when I get new infomation, pictures, or a new idea comes up. Also when people point out mistakes I make.

11. Can William marry an American? (April, 25 1999)

William can marry anyone he wishes. But tradition almost guarantees that whom ever he marries, would be a Protestant, virgin, pure, connected to the Royal family in some way, have good etiquette, and the list goes on. If he wishes to stay with Royal tradition, the woman he marries will probably be British and from Britain's "Upper Class" society. That's my perception anyways.

I hope that helps. :o)

12. Does William have a girlfriend?(08/06/99)

I don't know. Things change so much. It doesn't really matter does it? The more we can't have something, the more we want it right?If you know feel free to write me.

13. Kittywinky, do you think it is possible for a regular person, like me, to meet Prince William if I did live in England? I want to move there someday and I really want to be able to meet him in person some day. Wills is SO FINE!See yah!Oh!And could you PLEASE find out if he has a girlfriend. Do your best PLEASE! I really want to know, even though it's not too likely that he dose. He probubly isn't around many girls his age most of the time. (08/06/99)

I think it's possible for anyone to meet William, that is if you have the right friends and connections. If you just want a look at William, there will always be public appearances,and everyone can be apart of that. For instance the wedding that's coming up June 19.

As for the girlfriend thing, I've been getting E-mails that says he has one. One in Canada, one in Africa, and one in pretty much every country he's ever visited. But honestly, I don't think he does. He might date but not seriously.

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