Extra Prince William Info

  • William was voted as Britian's Handsomest Royal
  • His grandmothers are HM Queen Elizabeth II, Fances Shand Kydd
  • His grandfathers are Duke of Edinborough - Philip Mountbatten, the late Earl of Spencer.
    Homes includes:
  • Kensington Palace
    • Diana used to live here
  • Highrove and Balmoral
    • Charle's Residence.
    • His room 2 Highgrove is honey-colored. Walls decorated w/ family pictures, once Picture of Christie Brinkley
  • Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Sandringham
    • Queen Elizabeth's Estates
    William's Famous Relatives:
  • Brother, Prince Harry
  • Uncles, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward
  • Aunts, Sarah Ferguson, Princess Anne
  • Cousins, Petter Phillips, Zara Phillips, Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie.
  • Great-grandmother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (queen's mother)
  • Great-grandfather, the late King George VI
  • All Christmases are spent at Sandringham.
  • Customary presents are ones that are "cheap, cheerful, and best of all funny."
    Schools William Attended:
  • Because of their own bad experiences, Will's parents didn't want to send him to boarding school
  • Mrs. Mynor's Nursery School, 1985-1987
  • Wetherby School, 1987-1990
  • Ludgrove School, 1990-1995
    • He attends this boarding school on weekdays, and spends his weekends @ home 25 miles away.
    • first day was Sept. 10. He arrived w/ Diana. Charles came separately.
    • Shared dorm w/ 4 boys. Wakes up @ 7:15, bed by 8:00
  • Prestigious Eton College, Since 1995, he should Graduate in Class of 2000
    • Tuition here is aprox. $20,000, add $3,000 for traditional uniform which William loves so much.
    • William leaves Eton on Sundays to have tea with The Queen, she lives just about ten minutes away. Click here to see arial map. Can you find the Queen's residence? Click here to see the Eton Crest.
    • Diana's brother and father also graduated Eton. Not to mention son of his father's mistress, Camillia Parker-Bowles.
    • All William's Clothes are locked up here.
    • His door has no name plate on it. His room is 10x7 feet, relatively modest in size.
    • He has his own bathroom
    • He has a radio in his room.
    • He lives in the "Manor House"
    • Press were asked not to do reports on his years @ Etons. They want him to enjoy his school years.
      • Schoolmates who corresponds with tabloids about William will risk expulsion.
      • There are hidden microphones and photographers, telephoto lense used in the pursuit of William.
      • Has his privacy at Eton, but "off the grounds, he's fair game."
    • Nicholas Knatchbull, 16, is a distant cousins of Wills and attends Eton w/ him.
    • @Eton he was part of school production of "The Tempest."
    • He was enrolled as "Wales, Prince William of"
    • His first day was September 7, 1995
    • Harry joined him here in September of 1998.
    A Prince is Born
  • Born @ St. Mary's Hospital, Paddington
    • The official site for Royal Births since 1974.
  • Delivered by Mr.George Pinker.
  • Weight in @ 7 pounds and 1.5 ounces. He weights 25 pounds by his 1st B-day.
  • Born on June 21, 1982, 9:03pm. This was a Monday, first day of summer.
  • Nanies were Barbara Barnes, Olga Powel.
  • Flew on the same Plane as Charles & Diana even if it was against Royal policies.
  • Went without a name for the first few days. Charles wanted to him Arthur. He was known to the public as Baby of Wails.
  • Nursery done in pastel scheme of color. Along with modern furniture, red, white, and blue rabits.
  • Gifts from public poured in by the thousands. Mostly donated to hospitals and orphanages afater wards.
  • Spent his fist Christmas @ Windsor Castle.
  • Charles claimed William loved "exploring wastepaper baskets."
  • Fave toy was teddy bear, and plastic whale that shoots balls off it's head.
  • Once dragged lace tablecloth off a table, everything else went to the floor.
  • tried to eat dirt as a kid.
  • His fist tooth sprouted @ 8 month's age.
    The Wonder Years:
  • 2-3 years of age, he was called "King Tot."
  • Refered to Queen E as "Garry" instead of "Granny."
  • One Christmas, London's Harrods closed store for hours so William could go shopping all by him self.
  • Queen suggest that a nursery be set up in Kensington Palce and other children "brought in" to play w/ Wills.
  • On his fist day of official schooling, he wore red shorts, accessorized w/ "Postman Pat" luch box.
  • Really likes Diana's tape of "Phantom of the Opera."
  • Got hit in the head w/ a golf club when he was 9. Went to Berkshire Hospital. Underwent a 70 minutes operation, to fix the "depressed facture of the skull."
  • Won several awards for horse ridding.
  • Once @ Windsor Caslte, He dangled Harry by the feet, out of a window.
    School Years . . .
  • Best subject is English
  • Commonly use a fax machine to communicate with his father.
  • Once appeared in school production as Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • Diana once said, "I want William and Harry to experience what most people already know---that they are growing up in a multi-racial society in which everyone is not rich, or has four holidays a year, or speaks standard English and drives a Range Rover."
    • He once found a negative article about Diana, "he burst into tears and asked, "How can they do this to mummy?"
    • His parents divorced August 28, 1996 (10:27am)
    • "In 1994 Diana secretly met with the Queen and offered to get back with Charles if he agreed to end his relationship with Camilla Parker-Bowles. He refused."
    • Diana gave William a surprise for his 15 B-day, a cake w/ topless female figurines.
    Fun, Fun, Fun . . .
  • His favorite vacation was @ Diseney World in Florida.
    • He liked the Star Wars Space Ride, Indiana Jones spectacle, all the waterslides.
    • He spent his visit, without having to line up for rides, underground tunnesl were used instead.
  • Once spent vacation w/ Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russel, in Aspen, Colorado.
  • His first dance was on October 23, 1995. Girls were trying to get him to kiss them.
    • It's been rumoured (1998) that Will's got at least 2 "very upper-class" girlfriends.
    • Another rumour, he's been seeing daughters of Charle's friends, sisters of his chums from school, etc . . .
    • He shared his 16 B-day w/ school friends.

      Extra . . .

      • His brother Harry was borned Sept. 15, 1984. Once when Harry stuck his tounge out at paprazzi, Will said,
      • He had 6 god-parents since from birth and recieved over 2000 gifts,mostly knitted items.His first outfit worn for a photo shoot cost 125 pounds. His crib had a canopy with matching linens in rosebud prints, which along with other accessories, cost $2,100
      • In 1993 during a visit to Pinewood Studios, he told Sir Paul McCartney (Beatles) that he would like to be an actor.
      • At 16, he did his first written interview.
      • The first few days of his life, he was without a name (Charles wanted to name him Arthur, the public refered to him as; Baby of Wales
      • His Christining was performed by Archbishop of Canterbury using water from the Jordan River (tradition). He wore a robe made of honiton lace, which was originally made for EdwardVII's christianing in 1842.
      • His Parents divorced on August 29, 1996.
      • At Prince Charles' 50th birhday party, William and Harry did an imitation of The Full Monty to Hot Chocolate's song that goes
      • His favorite vacation was the time spent at Disney World.
      • Prince William and Prince Charles, according to Royal policies cannot fly one the same air craft, because incase of an acident, the first or the second heir would survive.
      • Recently has his braces removed.(1998)
      • Has a dog named Widgeon, who always accompannies him when he hunts.
      • He is constantly teased about his pin up boy status.
      • The initial WOW on his swim suit, stands for William of Wales.
      • In his younger years, he once said to a classmate:
      • The Prince has tea with his grandmother every Sunday at Windsor Castle, which is a ten minute's walk fro Eton College.
      • It is rumoured that William asked for and recieved his mother's engagement ring.
      • He wears an electronic monitoring bracelet and has two Scotland Yard detectives with him at all times when outside pallace grounds.
      • Prince William is left-handed.
      • Is also known as: Wills, Wombat, Steamboat, Dreamboat Willy, Billy the Basher, Prince of Wails (old), His Naughtiness, His Royal Sighness, His Royal Hotness.

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