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Prince William . . .

  • was born on June 21, 1982 ( 9:03 pm) at St. Mary's Hospital in London
  • has royal blue eyes, or hazel....I'm not sure about this one
  • has sandy blonde hair
  • is 6'2 at 15 years of age
  • weights around 130 pounds
  • currently attends Eton College and studies French, History, Chemistry, Biology, Art, Latin, Greek, Math, Physics, English. Eton College costs about $20,000 not to mention the $3,000 for uniforms. Eton was established in 1440. William actually likes the old-fashioned uniform at Eton He will likely attend Cambridge University, as his father did, which might lead to post graduate studies. Even though he likes many aspects of the military, there is very little chance that he will join the military. At Etons, boys can be expelled if caught talking about William to the Press (YIKES!). At school he has a close-knitted group of friends. He's dated a few of his friend's (from Eton) sisters. His room at Eton is located above the kitchen, has a private bath and no name plate on the door. His clothes is locked up. There is usually a guard at his door.
  • His legal guardian is former Prime Minister John Major.
  • is the second heir to the throne, after Prince Charles.
  • William is one of the top 100 swimmers in England and has decided to put all other sports aside and concentrate on swimming.
  • is the first royal baby to wear plastic diapers.
  • was naemd one of People's Most Beautiful People of 1998.
  • was named one of Teen People's 21 Hottest Stars under 21.
  • was Barbara Walters' Most Interesting Person of 1997
  • used to flush a variety of items down the toillet when he was little.
  • started boarding school when he was 8 yrs. old.
  • got his braces removed by the time he visited Vancouver in March, 1998.
  • plans to study geography, history, biology, and art for 2 years, in preparation for University studies.
  • has a radio in his dorm at Etons.

Some of PW's mail address:

  • His Royal Highness, Prince William of Wales
    • St.James Palce London SWIA IBS Great Britain
    • Kensington Palace Kensington, London W84PN
    • Buckingham Palace London SWIA IAA England
    • Eton Windsor Berkshire SL4 6DW Great Britain

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