Prince Harry Basics

Full Name: Prince Henry Charles Albert David Windsor

Royal Title: His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales. Prince Harry is third in the line of the throne, after Prince Charles and William.

Birth: September 15, 1984 @ 4:20 am @ St. Mary's Hospital, Paddington, London.

Weight: Aproximately 110 pounds as of 1998

Commonly refered to as Harry. His father calls him Henry when he's naughty. Harry is out going and is more at ease with the press than his brother, perhaps because he's not always mobbed with the press. I think he teases Prince William often about his Pin up Boy status. (naughty Henry!)

Food: likes Junk food, chocolate, McDonald's fries, fresh squeezed lemonade.

Drink: likes Coke

Likes: Horseback riding, computer games, skiing, Go-Carts, fast cars, botany (like his father, Prince Charles). He's is quite good at football (soccer), in the first game he played for Eton's Manor House team, Harry scored twice. He said once that he prefered blonds, which explains why his dream date would be Cindy Crawford. He'd prefer the name Harry.

Dislikes: Press, school, reading books.

Family: his parents divorce in August 29, 1996.

School Life: Started Eton as of September 2, 1998, he attended Eton College one year late because at his last school, Ludgrove, he failed all his classes except for sports. The press turned out for his first day of school, taking many photos. William was absent from this event, not wanting to steal his brother's special day.

Homes: St.Jame's Palace, Highgrove Gloucestershire.

Extra: Harry has 2 secretaries, hired by Buckingham Palace, who regularly check his mail because he has so many. He once stuck his tounge out at the press. Has two detectives from Scotland Yard with him at all times.

His Parents divorced on August 29, 1996.

Prince Harry and his brother William were main organizers for Prince Charles' 50th Birthday bash. At Prince Charles' 50th birhday party, William and Harry did an imitation of The Full Monty to Hot Chocolate's song. They wanted to surprise their father with a play involving Emma Thompson, word leaked out to Charles before the surprise, but it was still a success.

HRH Prince Henry St.James Palace London SW1A 1BS Great Britain

Extra Info on Harry

  • His grandmothers are HM Queen Elizabeth II, Fances Shand Kydd
  • His grandfathers are Duke of Edinborough - Philip Mountbatten, the late Earl of Spencer.

    Homes includes:
  • Kensington Palace
    • Diana used to live here
  • Highrove and Balmoral
    • Charle's Residence.
  • Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Sandringham
    • Queen Elizabeth's Estates
    Harry's School:
  • Prestigious Eton College, Since September, 1997, he should Graduate in Class of 2002
    • Tuition here is aprox. $20,000, add $3,000 for traditional uniform which William loves so much. Click here to see arial map. Can you find the Queen's residence? Click here to see the Eton Crest.
    • Diana's brother and father also graduated Eton. Not to mention son of his father's mistress, Camillia Parker-Bowles.
    • Press were asked not to do reports on his years @ Etons. They want him to enjoy his school years.
      • Schoolmates who corresponds with tabloids about William/Harry will risk expulsion.
      • There are hidden microphones and photographers, telephoto lense used in the pursuit of William.
      • Has his privacy at Eton, but "off the grounds, he's fair game."
    • Nicholas Knatchbull, 16, is a distant cousins of Wills and Harry and attends Eton w/ him.
    • William, his brother has been here since September, 1995.
    Harry's Famous Relatives:
  • Brother, Prince William.
  • Uncles, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward
  • Aunts, Sarah Ferguson, Princess Anne
  • Cousins, Petter Phillips, Zara Phillips, Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie.
  • Great-grandmother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (queen's mother)
  • Great-grandfather, the late King George VI
  • All Christmases are spent at Sandringham.
  • Customary presents are ones that are "cheap, cheerful, and best of all funny."

Anticipation is a great thing. The more we think about what we can't have, the more we want it. The more we think about what we might have, the more we treasure it." -Colin Vo-