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As revised by the Executive of Kent Branch O.G.S. at Executive meeting of 9 February 2001.
and "subject to change without notice"

Finding Your Ancestors in Kent County
Research Policy

The Kent Branch of OGS will endeavour to do research from our publications of all our census, cemeteries, the Beer's Biographical Record of Kent, the Western District Marriages 1786 - 1856 and the Kent Marriage Register 1858 - 1869. This research may be obtained for $15.00 per specific individual, payable in advance. Please mail the request and cheque (check) for research to Kent OGS, P.O. Box 964, Chatham, Ontario, Canada N7M 5L3. Please include your email address for us to use if we seek any clarification of the request.

- - - No email or phone requests accepted. - - -

For REQUESTS FOR PHOTOCOPIES OF PAGES from Kent Branch's Cemeteries Transcriptions, pay $3.00 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page and you must specify the exact Cemetery and the name/names. Payment to: Kent Branch OGS

Other Kent OGS Research Resources
Society Membership

One of the best tools for genealogical research is to join the local society. By joining Kent OGS many put themselves in contact with other members who are working on and have knowledge of that person for whom they are looking.

You will receive four issues of our award winning newsletter with articles, pictures and queries that may link you to your ancestor.

Our meetings usually are held on the second Friday of the month except July & August. We have interesting and informative speakers and a time for networking with our local members who are willing to share info with you.

Our Kent OGS Library

One of the best assets of Kent OGS is our excellent genealogical library. It is located on the second floor of the Chatham-Kent Public Library on Queen St in Chatham. Normally we are open 1 until 5, Monday through Saturday and Thursday evenings (5 - 8 pm). We have one of the largest genealogical libraries in southwest Ontario and it is used by people all over the world. We have microfilm readers and computers. The room is free to the public. Just outside our room is the Chatham/Kent Library's History Room which contains the Chatham newspaper card index and the newspapers on microfilm. This is a treasure.

KentOGS Publications

Take a look at our extensive publications list. If you have several surnames in Kent you may find it more economical to purchase some of our publications for your use.

Other Branch & Non-Branch Resources


Such research should be done by the individual seeking the information OR by a researcher-for-fee. The responsibility for engaging such a researcher is the responsibility of the individual seeking the research. Payment to the researcher.


Newsletter Queries are published in the Newsletter with the hope that other readers might be able to answer or help. There is NO guarantee that any replies will be received.

Members of Kent Branch: Queries of reasonable length {at discretion of the Branch} are published free for Members of Kent Branch. They may be sent by E-mail to ATTN: Jay. (We recommend you also include your snail mail address.)

Non-members of Kent Branch: Queries of no more than 75 words may be accepted by snail-mail (i.e. postal system) when accompanied by $2.00 per query and have a relevance to Kent County. Payment to: Kent Branch OGS

(usually 'free') though donations to Kent Branch OGS are appreciated.

Provided by Kent Branch OGS in Chatham-Kent:

"Hands-on" access and research by Branch Members and non-Branch Members at Kent Branch's Library.

and on the INTERNET:

'bookmarked' web sites and Members are invited to submit suggested URLs for addition to this source.

Message Board (provided by Kent Branch OGS) which provides a means of sharing your problems, questions, answers, and other information via the Internet. There is NO guarantee that any replies will be received.

Mail List (provided by Kent Branch OGS) which provides a means of sharing your problems, questions, answers, and other information with others who have subscribed (free) to this email list. There is NO guarantee that any replies will be received.

Read Our Cyberspace Guest Book!
Sign Our Cyberspace Guest Book! NO guarantee that any replies will be received. That is dependent upon other readers.


(provided by other sources)

GenConnect at RootsWeb: Kent Ontario Canada Queries

Message Board: Morpeth, Howard Twp, Kent Co, Ontario -- A forum to exchange genealogical information on Morpeth families.

Rootsweb email list for Kent county, newly created (1 Jan. 2000) by Richard Hirst. To subscribe to the Kent County Email list send an email with nothing written in the subject line and the single word "subscribe" in the body of the email to one of the following addresses. to receive every email individually send to: OR to receive emails bundled into a single email send to:

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