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from "celtic heritage" February/March 1999 p.37
Johnathon Hyslop bought property some years ago north of Dumfries, and sold it last year to buy Dunans Castle, in Gendaruel, Argyll. Only after taking possesson, with Government promises of grants to help refurbish the place, did he discover that it was the original home of Clan Fletcher, built in the 15th century and refurbished around 1830. This he discovered when he had to sign a letter in perpetuity, granting access to any Fletcher, anywhere in the world, who comes to visit the grounds.

from the bulletin board:
Presbyterian Church Archives have moved (1998); now located at 50 Wynford Drive, North York, Ontario M3C 1J7 -- Phone 416-441-1111 Ext. 310 (apptmt recommended) Hours Mon. to Fri. 1:30 to 4:30

from the bulletin board:
The North Halton Compass re: Nassagaweya, Esquesing & South Eramosa; publ. in last wk of month; write to: MRK Communications, 419 Wilson Street, Eden Mills, Ontario [size 11 1/2" x 17"]

from Kent Branch newsletter Kn-30-98


Word has been received from Ven. Dr. Gordon Simmons that he will be conducting a Deconsecration Service on August 9th, 1998 and after the service they will remove those items of furniture that must be saved. The church and contents are the property of the Diocese of Huron and therefore should go to other churches. The recommendations of an engineer was to demolish the church building. He hopes that perhaps the porch may be saved where some of the items may be placed. Donations for the upkeep of the cemetery are welcome. Please contact: Ron Toll, Chairman, R.R.#5, Merlin, Ont. N0P 1W0 (519) 689-4537.


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