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Kent Branch's Newsletter
Roots Branches & Twigs

Volume 20 Number 2 - 1998 - Contents include:
Editor's Message (1p};
Region I 1998 (1p);
Kent County's Headstone Mystery by Marilyn Wild (3p);
Shewburg Cemetery, Howad Township from the Chatham Daily News, October 4th, 1938 (2p);
Annual Memorial Service For Christ Church Ouvry (1p);
The Wedding of Vergie Irena Graves & Leslie B. Mitton submitted by: Lloyd Mitton (3p);
James Holmes (1880-1970) is believed to be in this photo ... (1p);
Publications Report (1p);
Editor's Message {1p};
Almeda McLeod graduation certificate (1p);
O.G.S. Letter Writing Campaign (1p);
At The Museum by Dave Benson, Curator (1p);
Queries (1p)

Volume 20 Number 1 - 1998 - Contents include:
Editor's Message (1p};
Financial Report {1p};
Just Two Stones - That's All / The Holmes Burying Ground by Muriel Smyth {3p};
Trade Conditions on the Thames (A letter to John Askin Esquire by Hugh Holmes.) {2p};
Seminar '98 - From Settlers to Satellites {1p};
letter from Mary M. zurBurg (re information in the Library of Michigan's genealogical collection) {1p};
letter from Ryan Taylor (re "Books You Need to do Genealogy in Ontario") {1p};
letter from Fallsbrook Publishing Inc. (re The "Gentle Johnston/es") {1p};
info re Johnston/e Clan in America {1p};
info re Kelly Clan Association Newsletter {1p};
Plaques Project / Historic Chatham {1p};
photo of Mrs. Wm. Henry Traxler c. 1880 {1p};
Union Memorial Service held Thamesville Presbyterian Church 1901 {1p};
Dowswell/Shepley family Bible mentioned {1p};
Canadian Militiamen Granted Medals for the Capture of Detroit by Wilfred R. Lauber {5p};
At The Museum by Dave Benson {1p};
Township Papers From The 3rd Edition of Genealogy In Ontario:
Searching The Records {1p};
Letter from Russ Waller re a new series of books entilted Immigrants From England, 1800-1900 {1p};
Message from the Chair by Pete Woodcock {1p};
Queries {3p}

(Also see a list of articles appearing in previous Kent Branch Newsletters)

The Quarterly Newsletters are a benefit of membership in Kent Branch O.G.S. and by policy of the Provincial O.G.S. we are not allowed otherwise to sell them for a year from date of publication.

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