Kent Branch
of the Ontario Genealogical Society

Meetings & other events for 2001-2002

Since January 1998 normal place of meeting is at the W.I.S.H. Centre , Chatham-Kent.[map 1];[map 2]

 9 March 2001 -- Douglas MacKenzie is from London, Ontario. 
                 He is to be speaking on the Baldoon Settlement.
 7 April 2001 -- Family History For Beginners [click here for details]
20 April 2001 -- Dan Walker, Delhi near Simcoe, plans to speak on 
                 "How to Find Vital Statistics -- Birth, Deaths, Marriages pre 1869"
11 May   2001 -- Shirley Bain, Thamesville, Ontario is to speak on "History
                 of Thamesville with Highlights and Stories of The People".
 8 June  2001 -- Lillian Steele, Croton, Ontario transcribed the writings from a 
                 diary of a farmer who resided in the area during the late 1800's 
                 and early 1900's. Lillian's presentation is to focus on those
14 Sept. 2001 -- Lloyd Mitton plans to speak about the Mitton family 
                 and touch on the genetics of his family.
12 Oct.  2001 -- Fred Osmon, a local Chatham and area realtor, is to speak 
                 on the Osmon Family from the time of their arrival in Chatham,
                 Ontario from England in the early 1900's to present day.
13 Oct.  2001 -- Region 1 OGS meeting at Wyoming.
 9 Nov.  2001 -- Miss Mary Anne Beardall is a former teacher and daughter of the
                 late Judge Beardall. Mary Ann's family orginated in England
                 and she has done the family history.
14 Dec.  2001 -- Lisa & Jim Gilbert (ask about toys)***
                 The Gilberts are local historians and are
                 well known in the Chatham-Kent community.
                 Their presentation will be in costumes of
                 the 1800's and will be entiled. "John
                 and Martha McGregor Pay a Visit to The
                 Kent OGS". This is our annual Christmas
                 Dinner meeting to be held at Victoria Avenue
                 United Church.
11 Jan.  2002 -- John Jordan
                 John is an agricultural journalist broadcasting
                 daily on CFCO. Recently John &
                 wife Barbara opened Jordan House; a B & B
                 of notable merit. Jordan House is located
                 on a farm tended by the Jordan family since 1838. 
 8 Feb.  2002 -- Bryan and Shannon Prince
                 In honour of Black History Month, Bryan and
                 Shannon will give a presentation entitled
                 "Kent County in The Civil War".
 8 March 2002 -- Melba Simpson
                 Melba, one of our longtime members, will
                 speak on notable people from the
                 Tupperville area.
13 April 2002 -- Kent Country Branch OGS Presents a Day with
                 Fawne Stratford-Devai. All day session.
                 9:00 a.m. Registration   10:00 a.m. - 11:30 
                 a.m. "The Hawke Papers".
                 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Lunch & opportunity
                 to browse Book Vendor's tables
                 1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. Understanding & using
                 local land registry office records, spanning
                 1796 to present day.

                 2:45 p.m. - 3:45 p.m. "Getting From Here to
                 There". The importance of maps, old and new,
                 as a valuable research tool.

                 Cost $20.00 Canadian  $18.00 U.S.   Lunch 
                 included if preregistered.

10 May   2002 -- Marion Matt will give a presentation on the 
                 Bothwell Oil Museum

                 Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2002 19:58:20 -0400 
                 Subject:  MAY 10TH SPEAKER 
                    Was very pleased to find out today 
                 that Bob Fox from the Capital Theatre restoration group, 
                 is available to speak to us.  This is very good news as 
                 Marion Matt, our scheduled speaker, cancelled a couple 
                 of weeks ago.  After several phone calls to the Capital, 
                 we now have a speaker!!!
                 Katherine Prout.

14 June  2002 -- speaker tentative.

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