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Date: Thu, 22 Jul 1999 13:55:56 EDT
   Do you know of a place called Selton Ontario ? Could that be Sheddon in 
Elgin County?


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To: From: "Brian & Sue Anderson" Subject: queries Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 19:07:55 -0400 Greetings, I have been on the net for a while now, and have visited many web sites. The ones that I am very disappointed in, are the OGS sites. While I understand the need for financial stability, the absence of queries (yours or others) makes the sites non-user friendly. The best web sites are the genweb sites, as well as gen forum sites. If the branches continue to hide their queries from the world, except for financial remuneration, then it can only hurt the members and researchers alike. I have enjoyed the Kent OGS library, but am afraid the days will be numbered, unless the branch gets their queries or others out there for the cyber-public to see, and interact with. Rev. Brian Anderson

I am not sure about other Branches of OGS, but this does provide me with another opportunity to remind everyone that Kent Branch certainly has provided and does provide the cyber-public with various opportunities to have their queries on the Internet. What about our cyber Guest Book? What about the Message Board? What about the ONElist mailing list? Also we invite persons to submit queries of reasonable length to be published in the Branch Newsletter. (The Newsletter is a benefit of Membership). They may be sent by E-mail to Jay. We express our thanks for the offer of volunteer time to upgrade, maintain, and promote the queries' sites. And will someone please 'pass the hat'? [There are costs connected with keeping the Branch Library open six days a week, of having web sites, etc.].

To: "Kent Branch OGS (E-mail)" , From: "Devai, Fawne (CZR)" Subject: Archives of Ontario - A New Year of vital records available Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 16:45:55 -0400 Archives of Ontario - A New Year of vital records available Posted on behalf of the Archives of Ontario: On Monday, May 3, 1999, a new year of historic birth marriage and death records will be available to researchers. The microfilm of indexes and registrations for births (1902), marriages (1917) and deaths (1927) will be released to the public by the Archives of Ontario (AO) and the Genealogical Society of Utah (GSU). With the addition of a new year of historic records, the following vital records are now available to the public. Births 1869-1902 Marriages 1869-1917 Deaths 1869-1927 As of Monday, May 3, microfilm of these records will be available to the public in one of three ways: 1. In person, in the Main Reading room of the Archives of Ontario (77 Grenville Street, Toronto, Ontario) on self service microfilm. Information about the opening times of the main reading room are available on the Archives of Ontario Web page at: 2. On interloan from the Archives of Ontario to your local library. To find out more about the Archives of Ontario Interloan program and to determine what is available for loan please see the online Interloan catalogue at the following Archives of Ontario web page: 3. Through local Family History Centers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS). The microfilm numbers used by the Archives of Ontario are different from the microfilm numbers used by the LDS. However, the online Interloan catalogue includes a separate conversion list for AO to LDS microfilm numbers. More information about the location of local Family History Centers is available from the main LDS web pages at: Revised information handouts (pathfinders) and an updated VS Bulletin (AO Handout # 9) are also available in the main reading room of the Archives of Ontario and on the Archives of Ontario's website. Important Note: THE ARCHIVES OF ONTARIO IS NOT ABLE TO CONDUCT RESEARCH. Microfilm copies of the indexes and registrations may accessed using one of the three methods described above.

To: From: Stanojevic Subject: [Fwd: an early doctor in Chatham] Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 10:32:05 -0400 --- Included Message --- To: From: "Edward Crawford" Subject: an early doctor in Chatham Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 19:56:17 +0100 Dear friends, I found your website while trying to investigate a relative, James Smith Wallen, who must have been of the earliest if not THE earliest doctor in Chatham, Ontario. I have just been told that his grave is in Chatham. J.S.Wallen was born in 1807 on a slave plantation in Jamaica, his grandfather was a most eminent man who was a botanist and slave owner and who corresponded with Sir Joseph Banks and other eminent scientists. His mother's name, Eliza Archange, suggests that she was of part Canadien(ne) descent -- her first husband and JSW's grandfather being called Ford. Her mother's second marriage was to an English officer on the Canadian frontier, George Hill, who got at least one and probably more grants of land in Upper Canada from Simcoe before he went back to England in 1797 and died a Major 12 years later in the Walcheren expedition of 1809. Would there be some reference to James Smith Wallen in any early history of Chatham? There are two other Wallens listed in the cemetery Elethere Wallen (unmarried daughter or child?) and Sarah Wallen (Coborn) (wife?, married daughter?). I have no idea of the dates on any of these or what is said on the tombstones if they still exist. Sarah was the first name of JSW's grandmother. I have about 1500 words about Major Hill who has a very interesting career and many Canadian links and several thousand words about the Wallen family. They might be suitable in whole or part for your journal. I should add that all this was quite unknown to my father as my great grandmother, J.S Wallen's younger sister Caroline (1817-1889), had a mental breakdown and she and her family were quite forgotten, deliberately I think as people then had funny attitudes to mental illness. Today in London I have been trying to find out about Wallen's medical qualifications. He is not listed in 1. Munks Roll, Royal College of Physicians up to 1826 and I have looked at the manuscript list at the College up to 1840 2. Plarr's list of Fellows of the RC Surgeons (he may have been a licenciate.) 3. The index of Licenciates of the Society of Apothecaries up to 1832 (He may have qualified afterwards.) 4. Alumni Oxienses & Alumni Cantabrigenses. I hope this is of interest. I should be happy to share what information I have with you. Edward Crawford

To: From: "Edward Crawford" Subject: James Smith Wallen Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 20:55:24 +0100 I know my email has been forwarded to you. I have now found out today (Friday 30.4.99) from the Royal College of Surgeons that JSW is listed in being qualified in the Royal College of Surgeons in 1829 (at 22 - the traning of doctors was a bit slap happy then) and later in 1831. There are no further details but he is said to be "of Vere, Jamaica" He is still listed in an 1845 medical directory., MRCS. From the lack of details I think he must have gone straight off to Canada after being qualified to look after his properties there. And there are two other Wallens in the Maple Leaf Cemetery. I wonder if they are related. Edward Crawford

--- Forwarded Message --- To: From: "Edward Crawford" Subject: early settlers in Chatham Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 21:26:28 +0100 Dear Friends I have now found out rather more about Dr James Smith Wallen MRCS (1807-1863). He had a son also James Smith (1856-1926), and a daughter Eletheria d.1906 married a Mr O’Brien. who, with his wife Sarah née Coborn d.1910 were all buried in Chatham. The son was almost an exact contemporary with his first cousin my grandfather Henry Leighton Crawford (1855-1931) – see "Who Was Who" for the latter’s career in the Colonial Civil Service. Would there be an account of the funeral in 1926 in the local paper? And in 1906 of his sister? And in 1910 of his mother? Were there any relatives present. Have I got Canadian third cousins?!!!! All of this has echoes of "Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town".!! The unknown cousins! My offer about the background of the Wallens still stands. There is even more about the landholdings in Canada of Dr JS Wallen’s grandmother. Edward Crawford

To: From: "Devai, Fawne (CZR)" Subject: New Archives of Ontario Microfilm Interloan Catalogue Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 15:00:06 -0400 Posted on behalf of the Archives of Ontario April 14th, 1999 New Archives of Ontario Microfilm Interloan Catalogue The Archives of Ontario is pleased to announce the release of the updated microfilm interloan catalogue. Unlike earlier catalogues, the new catalogue is online, educational and interactive. Those familiar with our previous catalogues will notice that not all of our interlaon microfilm is currently listed. Rather than delaying the release of the catalogue we wanted to ensure that our most popular holdings (including Ontario Vital Statistics) were up to date and available now. We will be updating the catalogue regularly as well as adding new microfilm to our interloan holdings in the coming months. You will find the catalogue under Using Archive's Records - Microfilm Interloan Service at In particular the main English page can be found at: And the main French page can be found at: Important Note: The Microfilm Interloan Service allows you to borrow microfilmed archival records through a library or other institution that participates in the interlibrary loan system. This international system of cooperative agreements allows one institution to borrow material from another participating institution. Ask at your local library about their interlibrary loan policies. Researchers cannot order the microfilm directly from the Archives they must go through their local library or other participating institution. Paul Thomas Supervisor, Information Services Archives of Ontario.

To: From: "Kenneth A. Dill" Reply-To: Subject: Genealogy Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 05:30:42 -0500 Greetings, We would like to announce a great source for genealogy research and were wondering if you would mind posting this where those researching their family trees could see it. Thanks in advance. Kenneth Dill Join Our GenealogyForum If you have not yet taken advantage of using IRC (Internet Relay Chat) to help with your research, you are missing out on a GREAT resource! The Genealogy Channels on IRC are the Genealogy Societies of the CyberWorld. We share resources, do lookups for each other, help each other with our webpages, recommend helpful websites and have a wonderful time doing it! We designed our website with the NEW user in mind. You will find MUCH to help you get started! Things you will find on GenealogyForum's website: IMPORTANT NEWS FLASH! STRAIGHT TALK ABOUT IRC Late Breaking Genealogy News Everything You've Wanted to Know ..... But Were Afraid to Ask HOW TO JOIN IRC HOW TO USE MIRC Step by Step Instructions Step by Step Instructions Including AOL and WebTV LOOKUPS on #GENEALOGY FORUM LOOK FOR YOUR ANCESTORS Sharing Our Resources Searchable Index of Surnames of Our Guests GENEALOGY FOR KIDS 9 TO 90 #GENEALOGYFORUM How to Begin to Grow Your Tree Announcements and Our Agenda How to Write Your Family History OTHER GENEALOGY CHANNELS ON IRC Their Servers and Their Webpages You can even have your own channel for researching your special surname. Chat in real time with nice people who share your interest in Genealogy ! Some of the Channels your can find already formed on IRC’s Afternet Network: #HudFam . . . #Gen-Adams . . #Gen-Cates . .#Gen-Dickey . #Gen-Dyess. . . #Gen-Etheridge. . #Gen-Gray . . #Gen-Hooks . .#Gen-Mathis . .#Gen-McCabe . #Gen-McGowan .#Gen-Robbins . #Gen-Stillwell. . #Gen-Thompson . .#Gen-Wilson #Gen-Worden . #OntarioGenWeb . . . #Genealogy-Dutch . . #Gen-Southern-Ohio . #Genealogy-Native . .#genealogie (Quebec) . #Gen-Georgia . .#Gen-NewEngland . . #Gen-North_Carolina . #CanadaGenWeb . . . . Feel free to email me at if you need any further help or information. Ken -- Visit to learn how to tap into great resource of genealogy information. ************************************** * Kenneth A. Dill * * Meriden, Conn. * * Huntley National Association #2440* * Spencer Hist/Gen. Society #1702 * * * * * * * * ICQ number= 5097976 * * CtYankee nick on Afternet IRC * **************************************

Date: Sun, 23 Aug 1998 12:58:52 -0400 From: Sandra Tetreault Reply-To: To: "" Subject: Tilbury library I thought that I would let you know that the Tilbury Library is having a Genealogy Week from Sept 7 through the 12. We have gotten some books together and some pamphlets. We have also photo copied some pages from some of Sylvester's files. If you have anything that you would like to add, we would be delighted. If there is something, you could take it to the front desk of the library to be included in our shipment on Tuesday or Thursday. We would like to extend an invitation to the group to visit our display, and we welcome any input you have. We have re-arranged the back room so that all the wonderful information is on view for the public's use. I think that Sylvester would be pleased to see his research being used so extensively. I am still trying to get into Chatham to join the OGS. I was there last year a few times, and then went back to work and that was the end of my research. I guess that I better get on with it soon. My offer to do look ups still stands (I'm at the library 5 days a week) and I hope to see you soon. Sandra Tetreault

X-Sender: X-Mailer: QUALCOMM Windows Eudora Light Version 3.0.3 (32) Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 19:15:35 -0400 From: "Brenda & Charles Edmonds, St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada" {} Subject: Re: Newsletter Editors Hi: I am the newspaper editor for OGS - Elgin County Branch. The Wall of Ancestors - book and disk - has an error in/on it and I published the info correction in our June newsletter wrongly. I would really like to get the following information to as many OGS members as possible and as quickly as possible. If possible would you please publish the correction to the correction. The following is what I'd like to advise everyone of. #183 the information is CORRECT #283 SHOULD READ: Brenda Edmonds, 43931 Southdale Line, R.R. 2, St. Thomas N5P 3S6 - # 97 REMOVE Remove the e-mail address Thanks for you help with this matter. Brenda, Regards Brenda

Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 08:28:09 -0700 (PDT) X-Sender: (Unverified) X-Mailer: Windows Eudora Light Version 1.5.2 From: Noreen Annett Just discovered dates and submitters of same family trees - perhaps you could be helped this way also: Try "" on your internet (for birth and death dates of ancestors). The world tree is in the and is a list of many family trees with information and the submitter's name and e-mail address of each family tree. Good luck in your researching! Noreen Annett

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