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From: "Bob Willson" Subject: Willson Family - Ridgetown Date: Sun, 2 Jul 2000 19:29:43 -0600 I am researching this family and may be in Ridgetown this month. I would like to explore Greenwood Cemetery where I believe many of my ancestors are buried. Can you give me an idea as to how I might find particular graves or where in Ridgetown I might find a cemetery directory? Bob Willson Calgary, Alberta

Date: Mon, 03 Jul 2000 16:18:19 +0000 Bob, Your best bet is to purchase the Evergreen Cemetery that we have for sale at our library located upstairs in the Chatham Public Library on Queen St in Chatham. I do not know if the Evergreen Cemetery has a directory at the cemetery. Joan Griffin, KentOGS
From: "Bob Willson" Subject: Re: Willson Family - Ridgetown Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2000 21:24:33 -0600 Thanks to you both. My time is limited and I am not sure I can get to Chatham on this trip. If not, i will certainly stop by on my next trip east. Bob Willson Calgary, Alberta

Subject: Cemetary Information Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 21:35:03 EDT To: From: Am having a problem getting information from the Thamesville library in Thamesville Ontario about a directory for the cemetaries there. Have written several times and recieved no answer also have just returned from a looking for lost relatives in cemetaries in Kent and Middlesex counties, but found Thamesville closed . We have a relation buried somewhere in a cemetary in Thamesville Ontario, that is why If someone could tell us where the plot is located then I could have someone go and take a picture of the head stone for us. We live in Florida and will not be going that way for another year Any help from you people? Thank You D.J.Moffatt KCB #1213

From: "Wilson" To: Subject: Thamesville Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 19:58:20 -0400 Kent Branch OGS will search our publications, which contain all cemetery stones in Kent including Thamesville and census records etc for the sum of $ 10.00 We need names and dates of the people you are searching for, We may be able to get a photo if there is a tombstone there. Send cheque to Kent Branch OGS, Box 964, Chatham, Ont. N7M 5L3. Wilson Kerr, Chair.

Subject: Winter Genealogy Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 12:00:30 EDT To: From: Dear KentOGS, I was referred to you by Mrs. Celia Sockett, Secretary, Christ Church, Chatham. I am looking for the ancestors of my sister's fatherinlaw for his 80th birthday celebration. In truth I have done wonderfully, locating both biography and photograph of this to date most distant relative, John Winter. Strangely with all the info I have on John, I can find NOTHING as to his parents or immediate family. Stranger, too, is the fact that John was extremely prominent in later life, but leaves hardly any paper trail earlier. Admittedly, I'm stuck. Any assist would be greatly appreciated. What I have, or think I have, is this: John Winter was born 1816, c18 or 1824 in England, some say Yorkshire. There is a John born there about that time to an Anne, but there is no further info, eg father or where he went. Winter(s) is so rare a name in Yorkshire that GENUKI shows NO researchers in the area! John next shows up in Chatham, with wife Persilla/Priscilla Parr, acc to the 1851 Cen, who would have been b c1825, no location given. They had 3 children: John WR, b 1848, 50, Maud bc1850, likely died young, and Frederick bc1851-55, likely 1854 by 1860 Cen. Priscilla died in 1855. A brief digression. John appears in the 1851 Chatham census along with 2 other Winters, with the s. They are William bc1813, Eng and Richard bc1823, Eng. All 3 are gone by the 1860 census. Note John WR; I found another source that names him John William Richard. Somehow the 3 are connected, brothers, cousins...??? No connection has been found or parents for any of them. Back to John. I have found no immigration data on John, nor wedding certificate for him and Priscilla, tho the census shows her born in Eng. John married a total of 3 times. The second in CAN, presumably Chatham occurred c1856/7 to Victoria Walker, bc1828 in New Burnswick. They had 1 son in Chatham, Arthur Wellington, b3/14/1858. He later married in Indiana, Regina Winter, dau of Lucretia Hamilton and an unknown father. The are stated to be cousins, but it is not known just how. The thought occurred to me that William or Richard had gone south, but I can find no record of either in IN or married to Lucretia. In fact, I can find no record in IN of Lucretia or her 2 daughters Corette(a) or Regina! John then moved his family to Yellow Medicine Co MN. The second son Herbert W "Bert". Bert married Regina, apparently at or about the same him his brother married her sister, in record of that either! The 3rd and 4th sons were William and Walter, WC and WJ, but I don't know which is which! Victoria then died. John then married a 3rd time, in 1871, in LeSueur Co, MN, to Jane W Leonard/Larnard. There were no more children. This gets us away from ONT, but it is sort of necessary to get the complete picture. John went from obscurity in Eng to ONT, likely married in Chatham twice, had 4 children born there and burried one wife there, all with no non-census record of his existance! He then moved to YMC, MN where he immediately became a big shot, land owner, businessman, politician. He and his son have biographies of them! But before MN, zip, all of which I find very strange. Anyway, anything you might have access to which would help locate John's parents or the connection between the 3 Winters of the 1851 Census, I would greatly appreciate. I'm attaching a .rtf document summarizing the narrative above. If you need any other information, I will be happy to supply it as I can. I thank you for anything you might be able to add. Jim Fam Hist of John Winter

From: "Wilson" To: Subject: Winter. Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 20:02:39 -0400 Kent Branch OGS policy is that we will conduct a thorough search of our publications for the names submitted for a fee of $10.00. We will supply a number of photocopies of in information found. Send cheque to Kent OGS, Box 964, Chatham, Ont. N7M 5L3. Wilson Kerr, Chair.

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