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Subject:   Queries
Date:      Tue, 04 Jan 2000 20:48:04 -0500
To:        KentOGS
From:      Raymond and Marie Charbonneau 

Please publish these queries in "Roots, Branches & Twigs".

Need the obituary of Flavie Messier, wife of Florentin Messier who was buried 4th August, 1892 at St François Cemetery, Tilbury.

Wish to correspond with those who are researching Bazile Béchard 1784-1853, his wife Josephine Giroux 1795- ??, their ancestors and their descendants.

Thank you very much for your help.

Ray Charbonneau

Subject:    Genealogy info
Date:       Thu, 06 Jan 2000 22:09:12 -0600
From:       Joe & Miriam Walters 

To: Whom it may concern,

My name is Edith Walters and I am looking for information on my Great-Grandpa Ernest Joseph Gonyou. I am looking for a Birth Certificate for him. He would have been born around 1892 in Chatham. We don't have the exact date on his birth but we think it may be around August but are not sure. Also, I would like to get a copy of the 1920's Census if possible. If you are able to find either of these items that would be great. Let me know how much and I will send a check so you can mail me the records. Thank you for your time and patience.


Edith Walters
Miriam & Joseph Walters

Subject:    Genealogy info
Date:       Thu, 06 Jan 2000 22:22:44 -0600
From:       Joe & Miriam Walters 

To: Whom it may concern:

My name is Edith Walters and I am looking for some family information.
I wrote an e-mail earlier about my Great-Grandpa.
I am also looking for a Birth Certificate for Great- Aunt Edith T. Gonyou. Her birth date is August 5, 1920 in Chatham, Ontario, Canada. Also, Mary G. Gonyou and her birth date was December 30, (1916?) give or take a year.
I will send a check if these records can be copied for me.
Thank you for your time & patience.

Edith Walters
Miriam & Joseph Walters

Subject:    Kent Co.
Date:       Sun, 9 Jan 2000 17:55:17 -0500
From:       "joangriffin"

Dear Edith,

Of the 3 birth certs that you are looking for, only one of them is open to the public at this time. You may find the one for Ernest J. Gonyou as the vital stats go up to 1902 for births. These may be obtained from the Ontario Archives in Toronto or at your local LDS Library. Many of the libraries have the index to them and the full cert may then be obtained from Salt Lake City.

The other two after 1902 are held by the Registrar General in Thunder Bay, Ont. They may be reached by phone in Ont. toll free 1(800)461-2156 or outside Ont. (416) 325-8305.

As for the 1920 census, in Canada the 1911 census has not been released yet let alone the 1921.

The other options is trying to find birth records through church records.

And of course one of the best way to make contacts is by joining the Genealogical Society so that you can submit queries and make contacts with others working on the same name.

Hope this is of some help to you.

Joan Griffin, Kent OGS

From:      "Mary Talbot" 
Date:      Fri, 7 Jan 2000 14:13:54 -0500

I am trying to find out information regarding my Grandfather, Joseph Raymond who is buried in the Maple Leaf Cemetery in Chatham, grave # 2846. ... Joseph's date of death as noted on headstone as Oct. 17, 1921. I need his place of birth and his date of birth if this is possible as I am trying to compile a family tree.

Also I have heard mention of a Colonial Jeffery who was stationed around Merlin in the late 1800's. I have reason to believe he also may be related.

His name was mentioned in some elementary history book studied in Charing Cross. I would appreciate any help you could give me into finding out my heritage. My E Mail address is

Thank You
Mary Jo Talbot

Subject:    Raymond
Date:       Thu, 13 Jan 2000 10:18:37 -0500
From:       "joangriffin"	

Dear Mary Jo,
You may obtain a death cert for the death of Joseph Raymond as they are available up to 1927. They may be obtained in Toronto at the Ont. Archives, 77 Grenville St. or from your local Latter Day Sints church library. They have the indexes. Once you find it on the index, you can send for the entire cert which hopefully will give the birth info.

Also the Chatham newspapers are indexed and microfilmed. You can come to Chatham and look up the obit or hire a researcher to do it.

Hope this is of some help.
Joan Griffin, Kent OGS

Subject:    Looking for family information	
Date:       Fri, 04 Jan 1980 16:41:23 -0500	
From:       "J.Mott" 

Hi! I'm trying to find out some information about my grandmother and no one seems to have the answers. I understand that your group is wonderful at helping people with these kinds of problems, so I wonder if you could help me too?

My grandmother's name was Myrtle Viola Bayley (nee Tiffin) and I believe her birthdate was January 21, 1915 or 1916. What we are trying to find out is where she was living from 1935 to 1945, and if possible, where she was working, if at all.

I have been told that she may have been living and working in the area of Chatham, Thamesville, or Dresden during that time, but as I said earlier, no one seems to know. We believe that she may have been living at 32 Witherspoon in Chatham in 1943.

My mother is looking for this information and it is very important, so if you would E-mail back to me as soon as possible at: and let me know if you are the right people to help with this, I would very much appreciate it.

Thank you for your help.

J. Mott

Subject:     Tiffin/Bayley
Date:        Thu, 13 Jan 2000 10:13:02 -0500
From:        "joangriffin"

Most of Kent OGS records are pre 1900. My suggestion is that you contact the Thamesville Library, Town Hall, Thamesville,Ont N0P 2K0 (519)692-4251 or the Dresden Library, 187 Brown St. Dresden, Ont N0P 1M0 (519) 683-4922. They may be able to help you as the Tiffins & Bayley are old names in those areas. Be sure to enclose a self addressed envelope and a donation is always appreciated.

The Chatham newspapers are all indexed in the Chatham library. You may come and check them or hire a researcher to do it.

Hope this is of some help,
Joan Griffin Kent OGS

Subject:   Errata: RB&T	
Date:      Mon, 10 Jan 2000 19:28:58 -0800	
To:        "Kent Co.Branch OGS" 	
From:      "William W. Higgins" 	

Dear Editor:
It was a pleasure to read the excerpt of my family history in the Vol 22, Nr 4 Issue of Roots, Branches & Twigs. Unfortunately, the facts have gone through so many republications that some have become confused. In particular:
1. John Colbrook BURY married Elizabeth TRAVER, his 2nd wife, at Loganville, PA, while completing construction of an abandoned mill on the Susquehanna River which he had encountered while enroute from Baltimore to relocate in Canada. He could not pass up the opportunity and purchased the mill rights and finished and operated the mill, marrying Elizabeth Traver in the process. They left the mill and resumed the move to Canada because of grief associated with the drowning of daughter Mary in the mill pond in 1802.
2. Martha BURY, 2nd child of the marriage to Elizabeth TRAVER, married PETER Stover, not JOSEPH Stover.

A fairly complete history of John Colbrook Bury is included in a copy of "The Bury Bulletin - 1952" which I donated to Kent Branch. This 57 page booklet was prepared in connection with a family reunion in that year. If the document is no longer in your library, please inform me and I will provide another copy as it pertains to many families in the Kent area descended from the 20 children of JCB.

I will be pleased to correspond with anyone researching the Bury clan as I lack many of the descending lines and am still searching for JCBs Mother and his grandparents.

Sincerely yours,

Col (Ret) William W. Higgins
5904 Mount Eagle Drive #401
Alexandria, VA 22303-2536
Tel: 703 960 9575

PS: My lineage:
1. Major William BURY
2. John Colbrook BURY b. 6 March 1764, City of London, UK m. (2) in 1797 Elizabeth TRAVER b. 1772
3. Martha BURY b. 1799 at the Susquehannah mill site m. 1819 Peter STOVER b. 1795
4. Jane STOVER B. 1821 m. Richard LARKE and (2) Edwin BARNES
5. Isabella Dorothy LARKE m. William Wesley HIGGINS
6. Melchior James HIGGINS b. 1891 m. 1919 in Detroit Marceline Ruby YAX b. 1892 at St.Clair Flats, Harsens Island
7. William Wesley HIGGINS b. 6 Aug 1924, Detroit, Michigan (your instant correspondent).

Larkes and the Waddicks (descendants of generation 6 Michael Higgins, still reside in the Chatham area. I am the last Higgins of my generation but a first cousin Frances MARTIN resides in St.Clair, MI.

Subject:    School Records
Date:       Mon, 10 Jan 2000 17:21:55 -0500
From:       "Jerry" 		

Hope you had a great New Year! My family genealogy research has taken me into a new realm and I need some direction. I would like to know where to go and get school information from the Whitebread school in Chatham Twp., Kent. I am specifically looking for information from the years 1926 - 1935. I would appreciate any help as I am not sure where to go.
Many thanks!

Jerry Wilson

Subject: EARLY, Darius from Morpeth Ontario Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 07:29:50 -0500 To: From: "Tambra L Johnson"

I have no idea how to begin researching my ancestor, Darius EARLY, who is supposed to have immigrated from Morpeth to Iowa in the latter part of the 1800's. Can you advise me?

Thank you

Tambra Johnson email: or

Subject:    Darius Early
Date:       Wed, 12 Jan 2000 10:13:37 -0500
From:       "joangriffin"


Was your Darius Early the one married to A. Hatcher in Kent Co. in 1865?

I give talks alot in the states for people looking for their roots in Ontario, and the first thing I tell them is to join the local society where they are looking. That way you become knowlegable about the resources available and can make contacts with others working on your same names.If you can send me your snail mail address I can send you informaton.

Joan Griffin Kent OGS

Email: Kent Branch O.G.S.

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