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Kent Branch's Holdings

. . The holdings of our Branch Library include a number of family histories [ranging from a single page to large volumes] -- and we welcome donation of other family histories. We have exchange newsletters from the other branches of the O.G.S. and exchange of newsletters with some other places.

. . In our collection we have considerable materials relating to Kent County and the various townships thereof. Also we have materials on several counties/districts of Ontario, and of several of the Provinces of Canada. Not to be missed are the items from some of the States of the U.S.A. and from other countries [including considerable general materials relating to Scotland, England, and Ireland].

. . Also, in our holdings, we try to maintain copies of Kent Branch's publications. An useful set of microfilms are the indexes to Ontario Births, Marriages, and Deaths as originally released to the public through Ontario Archives.

. . Updated Feb. 1998: In addition, the Chatham Public Library has a genealogical collection and have compiled some book lists. We created a temporary web page with three of them:  Tracing Your Roots In Kent County (updated Feb. 1998); Black History In Kent County; and First Person Re-Enactment Reading List.

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