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Kent Branch OGS index page

Notes about Churches (past and present) -- E.&O.E.

The information on this page comes from a variety of sources. Addresses and names are approximate and would need to be checked by visiting.

The first section was compiled at an unknown date (perhaps late 1960's). In the case of the "Reformed" Churches, some of the names may be variations of the name of one church.
At that time I counted and noted that "there are about 45 Churches, etc. and 1 Synagogue -- all in Chatham!

Anglican - Chatham
Christ Church, 80 Wellington West
Holy Trinity, 81 Selkirk
St. John's, 49 Keil Drive
St. Paul's, 18 Dolsen Road

Baptist - Chatham
Chatham Baptist Church (Convention Baptist), 124 William South
Emmanuel Baptist Church (Fellowship Baptist), 100 McNaughton West
First Baptist Church, King Street

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This page first posted 26 Nov. 1998

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