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Kent Branch
of the Ontario Genealogical Society

Genealogical and Historical Research
Reference Library and Bookstore


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Kent Branch's Postal Address
Kent Branch O.G.S.
P.O Box 964, Chatham

Ontario N7M 5L3 Canada

Kent Branch's E-mail addresses

Some guidelines if you e-mail Kent Branch volunteers

Please include your snail-mail address in the event the Branch wishes to post something to you.
Be aware that donations are always appreciated and may result in quicker or more full replies.

For general OGS membership information view their webpage.

Our Branch Librarian will undertake to reply to relevant questions of a general nature but not to reqiests for specific research.

Newsletter Queries (for Branch members) normally will appear in the next issue of the Newsletter. No guarantee of any reply. Many of the Newsletter readers do not have e-mail, so include your snail-mail address.

Please see our Research page for information regarding minimum $15 research fee if we do research (for you) in our Branch's Publications and for fee for Newsletter Queries by non-Branch members.

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