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Winner of Chatelaine Florist Tomarkin
Volunteer of the Month Award

[selected by draw from names of volunteers]

Jan. - Marilyn Wild; Feb. - Herb Todgham; March - Richard Prout; April - Jay Smith; May - Stan Wild; June - Donna Reinhardus; Sept. - Angela Kerr; Oct. - Bert Wees; Nov. - Diane French; Dec. - Jean Attridge

Jan. - Jean Zimmer; Feb. - Donna Reinhardus; March - Ida DeBusschere; April - Evelyn Farquharson; May - Jean Zimmer; June - Angela Kerr; Sept. - Marjorie Toll; Oct. - Ruth Wade; Nov. - Helen Clark; Dec. - Jean Attridge

Jan. - Marilyn Doyle; Feb. - Jean Smith; March - Gloria Scott; April - Marilyn Wild; May - Helen Reaume; June - Vic Miller; Sept. - Richard Prout; Oct. - Joy Cooper; Nov. - Eileen Richards; Dec. - Bob Pollard

Jan. - no draw; Feb. - Les Fair; March - Joy Cooper

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