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Also: Published Cemetery Transcriptions


A catalogue of genealogical reference materials published by

the Kent Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society


Address orders to: Kent Branch Publications, P.O. Box 964, Chatham, Ontario, Canada N7M 5L3

"Prices subject to change without notice." E.&O.E.


$4.00 handling fee for total order

and 50˘ postage for each item (except where otherwise noted)

[Note that Cemetery prices already include postage.]

Please make cheque or money order payable to: Kent Branch Publications.


Handling Fee ($4.00) plus Book prices plus Postage = Total amount in Canadian funds

Total amount in Canadian funds less 20% = Total amount in USA funds (payable by cheque/check)


A Guide To Tracing Your Family in Kent County

ISBN 1-55075-752-0 $10.00

First published in 1979, revised in 1988 and updated in 1994. A complete finding aids source book. A must for anyone with Kent roots. 60 pages. Cerlox bound.


A History of the Community of Botany

ISBN 1-55116-305-5 $12.00

Written by Mrs. Wm. J. Dunlop (1866-1963). Originally published as a series in the Ridgetown Dominion in 1963. A valuable insight into life and the struggle to survive in the early days of Kent County. Indexed. 108 pages. Cerlox bound.


Evergreen Cemetery Records

ISBN 1-55116-329-2 $ 8.00

An alphabetical listing of people buried in Blenheim’s Evergreen Cemetery having no stone. Also contains additional information on some with stones that was not included on their stone.


Indexes to The Thamesville Herald

Extracts From The Thamesville Herald 1886-1907

ISBN 1-55116-297-0 $12.00

Births, marriages & deaths. Includes a list of one-time residents and their families attending the Old Boys Reunion held in October 1907. 89 pages. Cerlox bound.


Extracts From The Thamesville Herald 1907-1931

ISBN 1-55116-354-3 $24.00

Events extracted by Jay Smith from the newspapers on microfilm.


Extracts From The Thamesville Herald 1932-1941

ISBN 1-55116-355-1 $12.00

Events extracted by Jay Smith from the newpapers on microfilm.


Extracts From The Thamesville Herald 1942-1951.

ISBN 1-55116-357-8 $12.00

Events extracted by Jay Smith from the newspapers on microfilm.


Extracts From The Thamesville Herald 1952-1961.

ISBN 1-55116-358-6 $12.00

Events extracted by Jay Smith from the newspapers on microfilm.


Extracts From The Thamesville Herald

Set of the above five : 1886-1907, 1907-1931, 1932-1941, 1942-1951, 1952-1961

$65.00 plus postage of $1.00 (remember, also, the handling fee for total order)


Illustrated Historical Atlas of Essex and Kent Counties.

ISBN 1-55116-323-3 $35.00 plus postage of $2.00 (remember, also, the handling fee for total order)

A xerographic reprint of the H. Belden work. Fully indexed. 155 pages. Laminated covers. Cerlox bound.

Index to The H. Belden Illustrated Historical Atlas of Essex and Kent Counties

ISBN 1-55116-328-4 $12.00

For those who are lucky enough to own an original atlas this is a valuable aid. 93 pages. Cerlox bound.


J. H. Beers Commemorative Biographical Record of the County of Kent

ISBN 1-55116-313-6 $80.00 plus postage of $2.00 (remember, also, the handling fee for total order)

a collection of biographical sketches of early Kent pioneers originally pub. in 1904. 874 pages.


Index to Kent Beers

ISBN1-55075-746-6 $30.00

Many hours of painstaking work have resulted in the publication of this valuable research tool. An index of more than 25,000 names extracted from J. H. Beers Commemorative Biographical Record of the County of Kent.


"Beers" plus "Index", 3-hole punched, the set for $99.00 plus postage of $2.00 (remember, also, the handling fee for total order)


Pioneer Sketches of Kent & Elgin Counties

ISBN 1-55116-295-4 $12.00

written between 1896 & 1899 by Henry Watson, one-time owner/publisher of the Highgate Monitor. An excellent glimpse into the past and life on the border between Kent & Elgin. Indexed. 88 pages. Cerlox bound.


Queries 1979 - 1990

ISBN 1-55075-737-7 $14.00

An alphabetical listing of all of the queries sent in to the Kent Branch newsletter Roots, Branches & Twigs. Queries abbreviated. Submitter's addresses checked where possible. 152 pages. Cerlox bound.


Queries Index 1979 - 1990

ISBN 1-55116-299-7 $ 8.00

All queries in the Kent Branch newsletter Roots, Branches & Twigs listed alphabetically by surname. The listing refers you to the vol.# and issue # in which the query appeared and gives the name and address of the submitter at the time of submission. 22 pages. Cerlox bound.


Some Louisville Connections

ISBN 1-55075-742-3 $12.00

Descendant charts and index to the Arnold, Blackburn, French & Williston families. References to many other Kent County Pioneer families. Compiled by Bert Wees. 80 pages. Cerlox bound.


Stone Transcriptions - Fiche

ISBN 1-55075-781-4 $100.00

More than 3700 pages of transcriptions from stones in all known cemeteries in Kent County. Organized by township. Complete with location maps. 100 microfiche


Supplemental Index to Essex Beers

ISBN 1-55116-303-9 $10.00

An index to women referred to in J.H. Beers Commemorative Biographical Record of the County of Essex. An index to this work published in 1978 indexed the women by their married name only. This new supplemental work indexes them by their surname before marriage.


The Farm Book - Volume One

ISBN 1-55116-321-7 $14.00

The first in a series of recording the history of some of Kent County’s pioneer farm families. This first book contains the stories of 32 families. Fully indexed. 196 pages. Cerlox bound.


Wayne County Marriages 1839 - 1869

ISBN 1-55116-322-5 $10.00

People from Kent County Ontario who were married in Wayne County Michigan. Includes parents, witnesses, name of minister.


Charlton & Co’s County of Kent Gazetteer General & Business DIRECTORY for 1874-5 (photocopy)

ISBN 1-55116-349-7 $12.00



Population Return for the Township of Howard for 1846

ISBN 1-55116-289-X $7.00

Heads of household. Transcribed from Western District Census & Assessment. O.A. Record group 21.


1851 Kent County Agricultural Census

ISBN 1-55075-758-X $10.50

Includes name, lot & concession. From Chatham Town, Chatham, Dover, Howard and Orford Townships.


1851 Kent County Personal Census

Listed alphabetically. Includes Christian and Surname, occupation, birthplace, religion, page number on microfilm. Published by Township.

Chatham Town ISBN 1-55075-760-1 $10.50

Chatham Twp. ISBN 1-55075-751-2 $9.00

Dover Twp. ISBN 1-55116-307-1 $9.00

Howard Twp. ISBN 1-55075-753-9 $9.00

Orford Twp. ISBN 1-55075-755-5 $9.00


1852 Raleigh Collectors Roll

ISBN 1-55075-744-X $6.00

Approximately 500 names excluded from the 1851 Agricultural Census and unearthed by Kent Branch researchers. Includes lot & concession number.


1855 Harwich Assessment Roll

ISBN 1-55075-757-1 $6.00

More material discovered by Kent Branch researchers that had been excluded from the information collected in the 1851 census. Includes Christian & surname, age, occupation, concession number.


1861 Kent County Personal Census

Includes Christian & surname, age, birthplace, religion, occupation, page number on micro-film. Published by township.

Camden Twp. ISBN 1-55075-759-8 $ 9.00

Chatham Town ISBN 1-55075-745-8 $12.00

Chatham Twp. ISBN 1-55075-761-X $12.00

Dover Twp. ISBN 1-55075-736-9 $10.50

Harwich Twp. ISBN 1-55075-750-4 $12.00

Howard Twp. ISBN 1-55075-763-6 $10.50

Orford Twp. ISBN 1-55075-749-0 $10.50

Raleigh Twp. ISBN 1-55075-740-7 $10.50

Romney Twp. ISBN 1-55075-765-2 $ 7.00

Tilbury East Twp ISBN 1-55075-767-9 $ 9.00

Zone Twp. ISBN 1-55075-738-5 $ 9.00


1871 Kent County Death Census

ISBN 1-55075-762-8 $ 7.50

More than 500 names. County wide. Includes Christian and surname, birthplace, religion, cause of death.


1871 Kent County Personal Census & Index

Includes Christian and surname, age, sex, birthplace, religion & occupation. The index is quite extensive, having originally been published on its own. It includes Christian and surname, district and sub-district & microfilm page number. Published by township. Cerlox bound.

Camden Twp. ISBN 1-55075-764-4 $18.00

Chatham Town ISBN 1-55075-766-0 $20.00

Chatham Twp. ISBN 1-55075-768-7 $20.00

Dover Twp. ISBN 1-55075-769-5 $18.00

Harwich Twp. ISBN 1-55075-771-7 $20.00

Howard Twp. ISBN 1-55075-770-9 $20.00

Orford Twp. ISBN 1-55075-772-5 $18.00

Raleigh Twp. ISBN 1-55075-773-3 $18.00

Romney Twp. ISBN 1-55075-774-1 $12.00

Tilbury East Twp ISBN 1-55075-776-8 $14.00

Zone/Bothwell Twp ISBN 1-55075-775-X $14.00


1881 Kent County Personal Census

Includes Christian & Surname, Sex, Age, Where born, Religion, Occupation, Country of origin and microfilm page number.

Blenheim Village ISBN 1-55116-325-X $ 8.00

Bothwell Village ISBN 1-55116-340-3 $ 8.00

Camden Twp. ISBN 1-55116-334-9 $18.00

Chatham Town ISBN-1-55116-346-2 $28.00

Chatham Twp. ISBN 1-55116-353-5 $22.00

Dover Twp. ISBN 1-55116-348-9 $18.00

Dresden Village ISBN 1-55116-337-3 $ 8.00

Harwich Twp. ISBN 1-55116-341-1 $22.00

Howard Twp. ISBN 1-55116-345-4 $22.00

Orford Twp. ISBN 1-55116-342-X $18.00

Raleigh Twp. ISBN 1-55116-333-0 $22.00

Ridgetown Village ISBN 1-55116-339-X $ 8.00

Romney Twp. ISBN 1-55116-327-6 $ 8.00

Tilbury E. Twp ISBN 1-55116-350-0 $14.00

Thamesville Village ISBN 1-55116-336-5 $ 8.00

Wallaceburg ISBN 1-55116-351-9 $ 8.00

Zone Twp. ISBN 1-55116-335-7 $10.00


1891 Kent County Personal Census

Includes Christian & Surname, Sex, Age, Relation to head of household, Status, Birthplace, Birthplace of Father & Mother, Religion, Occupation, and page number on microfilm of census. Not all of the census has been transcribed or entered into computer at the time of publication of this price list.

Blenheim Village ISBN 0-7779-1242-2 $ 8.00

Bothwell Village ISBN 1-55116-344-6 $ 8.00

Chatham Twp. ISBN 1-55116-361-6 $25.00

Dover Twp. ISBN 0-7779-1244-9 $22.00

Dresden Town ISBN 1-55116-362-4 $10.00

Howard Twp. ISBN "coming"

Orford Twp. ISBN "coming"

Tilbury E. Twp. ISBN 0-7779-1246-5 $14.00

Wallaceburg ISBN 1-55116-359-4 $14.00

Zone Twp. ISBN 1-55116-343-8 $ 8.00


1901 Personal census - Kent County

Includes Christian & Surname, Sex, Age, Relation to head of household, Status, Birthplace, day/month/year of Birth, age at last Birthday, Racial or Tribal origin, Nationality, Religion, Occupation, Immigration & Naturalization dates, and page number on microfilm of census. Not all of the census has been transcribed or entered into computer at the time of publication of this price list.

Bothwell Town ISBN 1-55116-363-2 $ 8.00

Camden Twp. ISBN 1-55116-365-9 $12.00

Chatham City ISBN 1-55116-356-X $28.00

Dresden ISBN "coming"

Dover Twp. ISBN 1-55116-340-0 $22.00

Harwich Twp. ISBN 1-55116-366-7 $24.00

Howard Twp. ISBN "coming"

Orford Twp. ISBN "coming"

Raleigh Twp. ISBN 0-7779-1247-3 $22.00

Romney Twp. ISBN 1-55116-367-5 $10.00

Thamesville Vill. ISBN "coming"

Til bury E. Twp. ISBN 0-7779-1248-1 $15.00

Tilbury Town ISBN "coming"

Zone Twp. ISBN 0-7779-1250-3 $ 8.00



Blenheim & District Anglican Baptisms 1864 - 1933

ISBN 1-55116-332-2 $14.00

A wealth of information from the registers of the Anglican Church of Blenheim & District. Includes names of parents, sponsors, minister. 97 pages. Cerlox bound.


Blenheim & District Anglican Burials 1864 - 1930.

ISBN 1-55116-324-1 $ 8.00

From the registers of the Anglican Church of Blenheim & District. Includes Age, Date of death, Date of burial, Residence, Profession, Clergyman and Cemetery.


Blenheim & District Anglican Marriages 1864 - 1933

ISBN 1-55116-326-8 $12.00

From the registers of the Anglican Church of Blenheim & District. Includes Place of marriage, Parents, Witnesses, Minister. 45 pages. Cerlox bound.


Blenheim Methodist Church Marriage Register 1896 - 1923

ISBN 1-55116-293-8 $10.00

Transcribed from the registers. Includes age, residence, place of birth & parents of bride & groom. Includes witnesses. 39 pages. Cerlox bound. Indexed.


Chatham Primitive Methodist Church Marriages 1860 - 1883

ISBN 1-55075-779-2 $ 6.00

A finding aid to detailed transcriptions from records located at United Church archives in Toronto. A chronological listing.


Dresden Presbyterian Church 1881 - 1908

ISBN 1-55075-694-X $ 6.00

A chronological listing of baptisms & an alphabetized listing of names. This is a quick reference or finding aid to further information available on microfilm.


Early Chatham Presbyterian Marriages 1848 - 1869

ISBN 1-55075-778-4 $ 8.00

Information extracted from the original marriage register of the early Presbyterian Church of Chatham.


Harwich Township and Vicinity Marriages 1870 - 1876

ISBN 1-55075-692-3 $ 6.00

Listed in alphabetical order. A collection of entries discovered by Kent Branch researchers while digging through records at Harwich Township offices.


Kent County Marriages 1857 - 1869

ISBN 1-55116-309-8 $32.00 plus postage of $1.00 (remember, also, the handling fee for total order)

Originally published as Kent County Marriage Registers, this exceptional reference work has been completely revised to include witnesses, a chronological listing of marriages, a selection of suggested alternate spellings of surnames or interpretations of the way in which they appeared in the original, and a complete surname index. In the process of researching and checking the sources more than 240 marriages were discovered that had not been in the original registers. These have been included and are the reason for the change in the title. Thousands of names from a critical period in the history of Kent County. 451 pages. A two volume set. Cerlox bound.


Lost in Lambton County

ISBN 1-55116-347-0 $ 3.00

Some Kent Co. Names extracted from the Lambton County Marriage Register 1858-1869.


Lost in Middlesex

ISBN 1-55075-741-5 $ 6.00

Kent County names extracted from the Middlesex County Marriage Register 1849 - 1869.


Old St. Paul's, Chatham 1829 - 1841

ISBN 1-55075-777-6 $20.00

Earliest Kent County Anglican records discovered to date. Transcriptions of original birth, marriage and burial records. 94 pages. Cloth bound.


Park Street Methodist Marriages 1858 - 1890

ISBN 1-55075-693-1 $12.00

A chronological index of transcriptions from marriage registers at United Church Archives in Toronto. Includes soundex. This was originally the King Street Wesleyan Methodist Church, one of Chatham's oldest congregations. Cerlox bound.


Presbyterian Church Records

ISBN 1-55075-739-3 $ 8.00

Marriages 1896 -1900. Baptisms 1866 - 1901. Botany, Thamesville and Reserve Congregations of the Presbyterian Church in Kent County. A finding aid to more complete transcriptions available through the LDS Church .


St. John's Church of Sandwich 1802 - 1827

ISBN 1-55075-747-4 $12.00

A chronological listing of baptisms, marriages and burials, including parents, witnesses and sponsors occurring within the First Church of England in the Western District in the Province of Upper Canada. People, including the military journeyed long distances to attend the services, hence many references to military rank and unit. A truly valuable research aid to anyone with Kent or Essex roots. Published jointly by the Kent & Essex branches of the OGS. 88 pages. Cerlox bound.


United Presbyterian Church of Blenheim & Harwich Baptisms 1855 - 1887

ISBN 1-55116-291-1 $10.00

The body of the baptismal record indexed alphabetically by surname of the child receiving the sacrament. Includes date of birth, date & place of the event, names of parents and their residence and maiden name of mother. Indexed. 36 pages. Cerlox bound.


United Presbyterian Church of Blenheim & Harwich Marriages 1854 - 1894

ISBN 1-55116-311-X $10.00

These marriages are presented alphabetically by surname of the groom. Marriages were performed at the residence of Rev. A.W. Waddell in Blenheim or at homes or places of worship throughout South Harwich and including an area stretching from Troy to Tilbury and Valetta. Includes age, residence, place of birth of bride & groom, parents names, witnesses & their residences. Includes chronological listing of marriages. Completely indexed. 60 pages. Cerlox bound.


Wallaceburg Presbyterian Church 1882 - 1905

ISBN 1-55075-743-1 $ 8.00

A chronological listing of baptisms from 1882 - 1902. A chronological listing of marriages from 1896 - 1905. Includes an alphabetized listing of names. The listing of baptisms shows only the name of the person baptized and the father's name. The marriage listing shows only the names of the bride & groom.



First Crown Land Patentees

ISBN 1-55075-690-7 $22.00

Lists of first owners of each lot in Kent County from as early as 1797. Separated into townships, each preceded by a map with which to locate the lot. Includes Christian and surname, lot and concession number, size of lot and date patent was issued. Fully indexed. 210 pages. Cerlox bound.



Family Group Sheets

ISBN 1-55116-317-9 15˘


Map of Kent County Showing township boundaries.

ISBN 1-55075-696-6 50˘


Pedigree Charts

ISBN 1-55116-315-2 15˘


Raleigh Township Statute Labour List

ISBN 1-55075-695-8 $ 6.00

Alphabetical listing of all males over the age of 18 as they were required to perform statute labour (road work). List cover the years 1838 - 1847.


Townships Of Ontario

ISBN 1-55116-301-2 $ 3.50

Shows their related districts, counties and regional municipalities.


Index to Essex-Kent Militia Record 1812-15

ISBN 1-55116-352-7 $14.00

Names extracted from Militia units nominal returns & muster rolls from the microfilms, by Wilfred R. Lauber


Index Of The Civilian Loss Claims For The Western District From The War Of 1812-14.

ISBN 1-55116-360-8 $14.00

Extracted from microfilm rolls by Wilfred R. Lauber.


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