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Kent Branch OGS

Places of Worship
Zone - pre-1925 - E.&O.E.

information collected by Catherine Elder
and computerized by Gordon Dickson

[file date of 15 November 1997]

Kindly advise Kent Branch OGS of any errors or omissions.
Thank you.

Township      Lot    Conc    DateF    DateC    Type       Name
Zone            A    RR      1792     1813     MV         Moravian Mission Church                 
Zone                         1845     1952                Baptist Church                          
Zone                         1847     1925     WM         Bothwell Wesleyan Methodist Church      
Zone                         1856                         St. Ignatius Roman Catholic Church      
Zone                         1861     1926                Zion Presbyterian Church                
Zone                         1861                         Grace Anglican Church                   
Zone                         1866              BA         Bothwell Regular Baptist Church         
Zone                         1874     1897     PM         Bothwell Primitive Methodist Chapel     
Zone                         1875     1884     EM         Bothwell Methodist Episcopal Church     
Zone                         1881                         Canada Methodist Church - Zone          
Zone                         1916              LD         Bothwell Reorganized Church of LDS      
Zone          512            1925                         Bothwell United Church                  
Zone           11    5       1952     ?                   Church of the First Born - RC of LDS    
Zone            5    3                                    ??                                      
Zone                                                      Bothwell Presbyterian Church            
Zone                                                      Holy Trinity                            
Zone            1    6                                    Methodist ??                            
Zone                                                      Salvation Army Barracks                 

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