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Kent Branch OGS

Places of Worship
Romney - pre-1925 - E.&O.E.

information collected by Catherine Elder
and computerized by Gordon Dickson

[file date of 15 November 1997]

Kindly advise Kent Branch OGS of any errors or omissions.
Thank you.

Township      Lot    Conc    DateF    DateC    Type       Name
Romney                       1849                         Wheatley Baptist                        
Romney                       1901     1921                Victoria Methodist Church               
Romney         10     4      1925     193-                Trinity United Church - Romney          
Romney        186    TR      1925                         Talbot Street United Church             
Romney                                                    Coatsworth Methodist Church             
Romney                                                    Wheatley Methodist Church               
Romney                                                    Wheatley United Church                  
Romney                                                    Zion United Church - Romney             

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