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Kent Branch OGS

Places of Worship
Dover - pre-1925 - E.&O.E.

information collected by Catherine Elder
and computerized by Gordon Dickson

[file date of 15 November 1997]

Kindly advise Kent Branch OGS of any errors or omissions.
Thank you.

Township      Lot    Conc    DateF    DateC    Type       Name
Dover                        1845                         Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic
Dover                        1863                         Church of St James the Apostle
Dover         18      7      1870     1925                Hind's Methodist Church
Dover         14     13      1897     1916     PS         Peterkin Presbyterian Church
Dover         19      7      1925     1968                Hind's United Church
Dover         25     11WB    1925     1988                Dover Centre United Church
Dover         19     11      1925     1988                Grace United Church - Baldoon
Dover                                          RC         St. Philippe Roman Catholic
Dover                                                     Lake Shore
Dover                                                     Mitchell's Bay United Church
Dover                                                     St. James Presbyterian Church, Chatham

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