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From: "William W. Higgins" (

To: "Kent Co.Branch OGS" <>

Subject: Genealogy of John Colbrook BURY

Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 20:58:30 -0700

For the information of other members of Kent Branch who are researching the BURY clan:



1. In his brochure for the 1952 Bury Reunion, J.Melville Warwick, clan historian narrates that JCB, enroute to Canada on the Susquehanna River after the death of his first wife, Dorothy Sherwood, discovered a mill site, purchased the rights, completed a partially built mill which had been abandoned, and, at nearby Loganville, met and married Elizabeth Traver, born in 1792, whose father had been killed by Indians in the Revolutionary War.

2. In another narrative re the Bury family, the site of the mill discovery was "enroute to Lancaster". 3. A problem was discovered in an attempt to find the site of the mill; there is no record of a Buttermilk Falls, nor of JCB, nor of Elizabeth Traver in any of the archives, church records, nor vital statistics for the area of Loganville, PA, situated about five miles S. of the City of York. There are, however, Buttermilk Falls in Centre County on a tributary of the West Branch of the Susquehanna, and a LoganTON town about 75 miles East thereof in Clinton County. Research is needed in these counties to determine whether Warwicks location was an editors insert after examining a map and finding the town of LoganVILLE prominent on the Susquehanna Trail between the Maryland border and York and Lancaster.

4. Still another Buttermilk Falls exists in the vicinity of Stroudsburg, PA but there is no Logan----in that area.

5. In one of the Ontario newspaper series on JCBs clan, the marriage site is given as LoganTON.

7 For the moment, the location of JCBs Mill is considered unknown.

8. A relevant fact is that while there is no Traver family recorded vic of Loganville, and only a single reference to a Traver plot in the land records of Lancanster, there is a 1790 census record of a Mary Traver with a household of six females, including herself as head of = household, in Luzerne County (in which the City of Wilkes-Barre is situated) on the Susquehanna N. of LoganVILLE and East of LoganTON and about equidistant from these two places. Research is needed for the Traver family in Luzerne County because other narratives of the Traver family describe Elizabeth and her sisters, with their Mother, hiding on a forested ridge above Cherry Valley along the Mohawk during the Cherry Valley massacre. The narrative does not state that her father was killed in that specific engagement but the story does appear relevant to the 1790 census record of a Mary Traver and five daughters.

William W. Higgins

25 April 2000

Email: Kent Branch OGS

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