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Here are some interesting sites you can visit on behalf of KNP Online.
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  • UK ONLINE - The Net's biggest resource for everything British
  • 100 HOT WEBSITES - The hundred most visited web sites each week
  • COOL TOOLS - Software well worth downloading on a regular basis
  • REALM GRAPHICS - Graphics to pinch for your own web page
  • THE INTERNET PUBLIC LIBRARY - Information powerhouse
  • MARION - Strange name but cool band, click to find out more
  • COMPANIES ONLINE - Get info on over 100,000 companies
  • LOADED - Monthly emissions from the icon of British lad culture
  • EVENTS ONLINE - UK listings on music, film, stage, comedy and arts
  • TICKETMASTER - Book events tickets Online
  • CHANNEL 4 TV - Britains minority channel goes online
  • ONLINE GAMING ROOM - Play against the computer or distant opponents
  • THE BRITISH MONARCHY - Official site of the Royal family
  • THE WHITE HOUSE - The official Washington site
  • NME - Weekly gigs, reviews and news from the famous indie weekly
  • THE GUARDIAN ONLINE - Selections from the popular broadsheet
  • THE LABOUR PARTY - New Labours new web page
  • BBC ONLINE - The corporation's site, the largest in Europe
  • LONELY PLANET - The trendy travel guides online
  • BLUR - Information on Damon and co
  • THIS LIFE GUIDE - The now classic cult show's own site
  • CD NOW - Music store cheaper than the High street
  • NASA - Space exploration news including astrocameras
  • FA PREMIERSHIP - The latest news from the top
  • MULTIMAP - Get a detailed map of anywhere in the UK just by typing your postcode
  • THE ULTIMATE BAND LIST - Search for your favouite group

    Award Winning Books

  • BARCLAYCARD - Don't put it off put it on
  • PULP PEOPLE - The fan's database
  • CIA - Break into the CIA's site
  • CHEAP FLIGHTS - The best deals on flights
  • UP MY STREET - Find more out about your area just by entering the postcode
  • BARGAIN HOLIDAYS - The best deals from around the UK
  • THE CAKESHOP - The famous chat site from Late Lunch
  • CO-OPERATIVE BANK - Where your money can stand up and be counted
  • KENNY'S KINGDOM - South Park site dedicated to Kenny (the one with the hood)
  • 10 DOWNING STREET - Tony Blair's own house on the web
  • HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT - Visit the mother of parliaments
  • SPOC-The Mel and Sue site and homepage of Lesley Richardson, created by KNP Online
  • THE MILLENNIUM EXPERIENCE - See what's going on inside the dome
  • NHS DIRECT-Find out how long you have on the waiting list by visiting the NHS online
  • TYSON EYO-Follow Tyson's footballing progress
  • GILL'S WEBSITE-Find out more about my mate Gill Pickthall
  • SEAN HUGHES-The Irish comedians own website


  • JERI OF RYAN-A site dedicated to Seven of Nine aka Jeri Ryan, some great photo's!
  • HMV-Now you can visit HMV and buy your CD's from the comfort of your own home
  • KEN-A site all about Ken, although this one is plastic and 8 inches high!
  • ASK KEN-Need some advice, forget Aunty Miriam or Clare Rayner, ask Ken!

    This list is continually updated

    If you know a site that should be part of the list e-mail me with details on
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