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The Citadel of Chaos Solution

How to complete "The Citadel of Chaos" with a skill of 7, stamina of 14 and a luck of 7.
by Steven Taylor (

Yes, you did read the title correctly. It is possible to finish The Citadel of Chaos (TCOC from now on) with the worst possible character. This is a complete solution, and shows you exactly how it is done. It may be very unlikely that through some horrid streak of rolling, you rolled all 1's when rolling up your character, but just say you did. With every other book you'd reroll your character, but there is no need to with TCOC, you can still finish it even with your lowly character.
Before reading how, I suggest giving it a go yourself, it really isn't that hard to achieve. A large skill is not needed because you don't get involved in much combat, a large stamina isn't needed either because the opponents you do fight are fairly weak, and there aren't many traps that use up stamina. A luck of 7 is fine, there is only one luck roll you need to make to finish the adventure (unless you often use luck in battle). As for magic, you can roll a double 1 there as well, because you only need 8 spells to finish the book.
But first, here are some tips:
- Don't use any magic before entering the citadel itself.
- Avoid unnecessary combat (rhinoman, golem etc.)
- Two of the most important items are found in the courtyard.
- Meeting the Leprechaun isn't necessary, but recommended.
- The red is a good drop (for those who don't follow Australian slang, I'm talking about wine).
- Visit the library, they have some interesting books.


The first thing you must decide before setting off is what spells to take. As mentioned earlier, you only need 8 in total to get through, so a double 1 when rolling to see how many spells you get isn't a problem. With your starting 8, choose the following spells:
1 x Levitation
1 x ESP
2 x Weakness
1 x Sheilding
1 x Luck
1 x Illusion
1 x Stamina

If you are taking more than 8 spells, spend the rest on Skill, Stamina or Luck spells. I encourage all to follow this solution with just 8 spells, Skill 7, Stamina 14 and Luck 7, to see how easy it really is. This solution is written presuming you are doing this, but is still easy to follow if you aren't. Now to set off!

When you reach the gates, tell the guards you're a herbalist (261). When they question you, tell them you're here to treat Kylltrog (81), and they'll let you in.

Once in the courtyard (251), move towards one of the groups (321), then to the group by the fire (339) and sit without invitation (134). They will give you the password to enter the citadel. Question them about the vial (60) to annoy them, and then fight the three of them (213):

ORC 5 7

Luckily, you will fight these guys in turn. You should be able to get through this with 2 or 4 stamina points left, as long as your rolling is reasonable (I've tested this a couple of times). Once you get through this combat with Skill 7 and Stamina 14, you're pretty much guaranteed to complete the mission.

Rummage through their stuff (235) and take the copper key and the jar of ointment. Cast a stamina spell, drink the potion of magik, and cast a second stamina spell to get you back to full stamina. Move on towards the citadel (245). When whirlwind girl insults you, ignore her (161), then get angry (106). She will then leave you alone to get to the entrance (218).

Knock (118), tell the rhinoman the password "Scimitar" (371), and you're in (177). Go to the door (5), and ring for the butler (40). Follow his directions (243), go through the door (352) to meet the gark. Cast a spell of weakness (152) on him, then kill him:

GARK Skill 5 Stamina 5

Once you kill him you might as well throw away your sword, you won't be needing any more, you can get through the rest of the book without a single fight. Once you beat up this wimp, take his gold pieces and hairbrush (180). Leave the room (99) through the right door (38) to reach the library (132).

Once in the library, read about the secrets of Black Tower (238), to get the answer to the combo lock on the door to Dire's room. Continue to read books until the orcs appear └and use magic to knock you out.

Awaken in prison (234) , eat the food (397) and cast an illusion spell (35) so the calacorm thinks he is being attacked (364). He'll let you out so you can escape (174).

Break the door with your shoulder, and let the trap hit you (it's just a tomato). Meet O'Seamus, and let him play jokes for a bit (you know the bit where you go through a door and think your being attacked). When he's had his fun, he'll give you a new sword and a silver mirror (323). Leave by the copper handle door (144).

When in the wine cellar, greet the black elf (56) and taste the red wine (120) before leaving.

The next door you should open quietly (308). In the golem's room, just ignore everything and run through the opposite door (237), its not worth fighting the golem for something you're not going to use (the spider-man in the jar).

In the dining hall (169), go straight up the staircase on the right (197). Open the left door (228), using the copper key you got earlier (296).

Mrs Dire gets a bit pissed off at your intrusion, so offer her a gift (42). Give her the gark's hairbrush (91). While she is distracted, steal the golden fleece off her bed (this requires a successful luck roll, but you can keep trying until you succeed or give up. If you fail often, use the potion of magik and luck spells and odds are you'll get it).

Leave, go up the staircase, enter the right hand door (104). Give the Miks your gold (27) that you got from the gark, and leave.

Up more stairs, and into the room of the Ganjees (where's the damn sorq when you need them?). Give them your jar of ointment (291) to leave the room.

Yet more stairs, up to the room with the hydra. Bypass the hydra with the golden fleece (37) and leave the room.

You guessed it, another set of stairs. Open the door to Dire's room with the combination you got from the library (217). Cast a sheilding spell immediatly (293) to protect you from the trident.

You made it, and now you're face to face with Balthus Dire himself.

"Impudent Peasant!" he growls, "Do you think you are any match for Balthus Dire?" ...."Why, I'll wager you are not even a match for a CLAWBEAST!" laughs Dire.(TCOC, p. 374)

He's right. You are no match for a clawbeast, with skill 7 stamina 14, nor are you a match for Dire himself in combat. You have to beat him with your three remaining spells, and here's how:

Cast a weakness spell on the Clawbeast (158) and it will be too weak to fight back. Next, use your ESP spell on Dire (187). He will respond with an illusion, so use a levitation spell (279), and fly over to the window (78). Pull the drapes down (124), sunlight will stream in the room, killing Balthus Dire.

Congrats, you've just completed TCOC with a skill 7, stamina 14 luck 7 character! I'd say this is the only book this is possible, mainly because of the extra element of magic (having to fight the clawbeast would make it very tough). The book also gives a lot of avoidance options when in combat situations (such as running through the golem's room). If anyone can repeat this feat with a different book, I'd love to hear about it.

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This document was created May 3, 1998 by Steven Taylor.
It may be distributed freely as long as credit remains with the author.