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The Oracle

After fighting you way past deadly traps and cunning foes, you have found your way to the centre of the Starstone caves to confront the Oracle himself. "What do you wish to know?" booms the voice coming from the face in the rock wall.

Show me your bookmarks, oh great Oracle
An idea I have been playing with: Fighting Fantasy Grudge Match
Fighting Fantasy Quiz. Can you answer these FF questions? (answers now available)
Or alternatively, learn about how I started collecting Fighting Fantasy and eventually got the set.

The Citadel of Chaos
Demons of the Deep
Crypt of the Sorceror
Fangs of Fury
Dead of Night
Return to Firetop Mountain
NOTE FROM THE ORACLE: ok, i haven't done much to this page yet, but i have written reviews, solutions and done some amatuer writing, which is up on Mark J. Popp's page, The Scrolls of Titan , so check it out