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The other gigantic dragon fish.

View of Osaka.

To the right of center, you may be able to make out a white sign with black letters that says "glico" right next to another red sign. This, friends, is the main Pocky factory in Japan. :)

View of Osaka Castle park.

Yet another view of Osaka.

And another.

Arrow notches in the walls of Osaka Castle

And on the way home, we found the cranes... this is a lake where they live.

My camera is not able to capture these from far away very well.

A tiny convenience store on the night of the Iwashimizu Shrine's Festival.

Booths on the night of the festival.

Tiny turtles for sale!

This was SUPPOSED to be a great pic of huge bamboo trees on our climb up the mountain.

And this was supposed to be a great pic of the seventy or so flights of stairs leading UP the mountain.

Morning sunrise.

Sunrise over the Land of the Rising Sun.




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