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The Last Few Pictures!! (before I leave)

Ethan at Uno's...happy labour organizing! :)

Lanna and a sliver of Lars at Uno's

Brett (happy Purdue-going!) and a rare pic of Zaph

Deborah and Ethan

Josh (Must..get..pepper..) and Mike

Sideways Anime Lars (burgundy means BURGUNDY!)

Papa at rest...

Nana and Papa

Sideways Nana (cuz I'm lazy and don't feel like righting the picture!)

Belle and...My goodness!! I can get that for only 29.99??? :)

Mom, after begging me not to take any pictures of her.

That bear is a stingy little rat---a pennypincher. :)

Cavern. Oooooooooh, pretty!

Stone curtains inside Meramec caverns.

A myriad of pics, all thrown in together.. why? Laziness.

Home, sweet home PICS Journal