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This picture adequately describes Dominique and Ursula when it comes to housekeeping. Note the cleancut line in the exact middle of their room between clean (Dom) and messy (Ursula). They didn't prepare this. I walked in, told everyone not to move, and went to grab my camera.

Dom on her side...

Aaaaand Ursula on her side. Ooh, also pictured here is the be-casted Meredith, who later had to return to the States for better medical care...

Aaand Meredith again, be-casted.

This pretty accurately describes Debbie's personality too. She's the one walking up the wall...

Me, playing with the camera and a mirror. I was bored. ^.^

This is the kitty pumpkin I carved for Halloween!

Random shot of Lauren's room at her homestay!

This is Lauren, on our first excursion to Hard Rock Cafe (these pics aren't exactly in order), where we were surprised to find that we could forget for an hour or so that we were in japan. Very spooky.

I found a burger!! This was WAAAAY back on Halloween..

Like I said, Halloween. ^.^

Hard Rock, OSAKA!! I have a sweatshirt!

Lauren, dancing to YMCA which was pouring out of the restaurant...

Mat, wearing my pink bunny ears!

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