The "I Love A Mystery" Comic Strip

Don Sherwood was the artist responsible for penning and inking several authorized "I Love A Mystery" strips based on several of Morse's ILAM stories.  

Illustrated by Don Sherwood, the stories were written by Carlton E. Morse. Apparently they were distributed by a group called Editors Press Service circa 1984. The strip was offered for syndication in the US but was turned down. Don Sherwood or his agents did however sell the strip to European markets, very possibly one of national newspapers in Great Britain. The strip ran at least one year.

Excerpts of this comic strip (a splash page for THE CASE OF THE TRANSPLANTED CASTLE, and a weeks worth of THE FEAR THAT CREEPS LIKE A CAT were reprinted in the (sadly defunct) ILAM fanzine, "The A-1 Gazette" back in the early 1980s. 

Recently, some of the original comic art appeared on E-bay.  I've happily appropriated the seller's images from this online auction for you to enjoy. Both appear to be from the story, THE FEAR THAT CREEPS LIKE A CAT.


Don Sherwood also published a single panel information series called "Return With Us To..."; devoted to a variety of OTR shows such as "The Lone Ranger", "Mysterious Traveler", etc. There was one such single panel strip devoted to Carlton E. Morse, which was reprinted with Mr. Sherwood's permission, for issue number 5 of this fanzine.

Many thanks to Michael Simons, Jim Farst and Ron Marx for their help and information. 

If anyone has any additional information about these comic strips, where they first appeared, if more than this story was done, additional art, the whereabouts of Mr. Sherwood, etc., please don't hesitate to write me!

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